Work All the Time

Mark D. Boucher
Mark D. Boucher


Work All The Time!

Summers gone,
winters a coming.
And I wonder where,
all the fun was.
It seems like work is,
all I do.
But that’s ok cause,
I like food.

Work so much,
I don’t have time.
To do the things that,
I’d like trying.
But I gota work,
so we have cash.
If I ever get rich,
I’ll give some back.


Gotta work all the time,
man I feel like I’m flying.
My feet never hit the ground,
(but I think I’m coming down.) 2x


Time keeps a ticking,
a ticking away.
I’m already starting,
to turn grey.
Work all the time,
I guess that’s fine.
It’s better than standing,
in a soup line.


I know I’m lucky that,
I got a job.
But working all the time,
makes me feel robed.
I want money,
and time to.
I guess that’s something,

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