Three Wishes

Mark D. Boucher
Mark D. Boucher


If I had three wishes,

you know what I would do?

I’d probably give them all,

right back to you.

I’d probably blow it, if they were mine.

And I’d end up owing, somebody a dime.


I can't be trusted,

with my own life.

That’s why it’s good,

that I made you my wife.

Assisted living,

what do ya think that costs?

With out you babe,

I would really be lost.




Wishes don’t usually come true,

Like we’d like them too.

But sometimes wishes they do,

that’s why I married you.



I can’t drive from point-a,

To point-b,

without driving,

way past point-c.

You argue with me,

argue constantly.

Because you love me,

and I’d have to agree.


 Wish in one hand,

and shit in the other,

and see which one,

will fill up faster.

Well that’s the way,

wishes usually go.

Ain’t no need to say,

I told you so.

(To Chorus)


I wish I had money,

saved up in a tree.

And I would shake it, just for you to see.

I wish us, a real long life,

and that your happy, just being my wife.

(To Chorus)

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