Things Will Work Out!

Mark D. Boucher
Mark D. Boucher


Things Will Work Out!

I got up on the wrong side,
of the bed.
Don’t know what was going,
thru my head.
I barked at the wife,
growled at the dog’s.
The day just started out bad, that's all.

When I get in a funk, and it’s
hard to shake.
I wonder if it’s something,
that I ate?
Probable not I think I,
It’s just the way that I am.


Things will work out,
they usually do.
Time is one thing that,
can help us thru.
Tomorrows another day,
it will be ok.
Things will work out,
they usually do.


I got to learn, to lighten up.
Start out each day with, a new cup.
Make mine happy with a, twist of kind.
And warm it up with the, sunshine.

Kiss the wife and, pet the dog’s.
Play hide and seek with them, all day long.
Run around, out in the yard.
Have fun being just, who you are.
(To Chorus)

When things come at you and,
their out of hand.
There’s one thing I want you to, understand.
Kiss the wife and, pet the dog’s,
tomorrow will be a new day, after all.
(To Chorus)

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