The Party's Over

Mark D. Boucher
Mark D. Boucher


The Party’s Over!

People use to come around,
and party all the time.
I don’t think they really cared,
if we was doing fine.
They just needed somewhere,
to cut up and unwind.
And we were always there,
to show them a good time.


There use to be a time,
they almost formed a line.
We didn’t have enough room,
for everyone at the same time.
Parking on the front lawn,
and the neighbors they were spying.
Then the cop’s would show up,
and we would all be crying.


(Chorus) The part’s over, And I’m sober.
Let’s do something, just us two. (2x)



They sat drinks on my speakers,
someone broke my favorite glass.
Complained about my music,
then made me listen to rap.
Let my dog’s out of the gate,
dropped cigarettes on the floor.
Told me what fun it was,
and we should probably do it more.


And now the party’s over,
no one comes around any more.
I guess it’s cause I’m older,
and don’t go to the bar anymore.
But I still like to have fun,
play guitar all night long.
singing songs for my wife,
and my three dogs.

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