The Great Dreamer

Mark D. Boucher
Mark D. Boucher


The Great Dreamer

He’s the great dreamer,
the big schemer.
He’s always got something up his sleeve.
But when it comes to action,
I think something lacking.
Being a dreamer must be his thing.


He’s always got a new plan,
they’ll be eating out of his hand,
it will be great when it’s complete.
I can hardly wait,
and I hope I’m not late.
When he makes history.


But ya got to, do something.
to make a dream reality.
Yah ya got to, do something,
to make your dream complete.



 When you get an idea,
write it down.
Then do something with your feet.
nothing happens when your
sitting around,
and dreaming constantly.

I’m inspired
by your passion,
and the dreams that you do dream.
You can do anything that
you want to,
you just got to drop the other three.
(To Chorus)

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