The Earth Is Angry!

Mark D. Boucher
Mark D. Boucher


The Earth is Angry!

Gas is going up,
pay is coming down.
Most people,
are sticking around.
Can’t fill there gas tanks,
and pay the bills.
Seems like it’s all,
going to hell.

There’s a new election,
it’s the old school.
And a black man,
is running too.
Never thought I’d seethe day,
but what the hay.
Their both gona need luck,anyway.


The earth is angry, the earth is mad.
And it’s about time, that we understand.
We been to greedy, taking all we can.
We need to give back, what we can.

Terrorist think,
they got a plan.
To make us bow down,
at there command.
Violence causes violence,
this I know.
It doesn’t come,
from the soul.

Were running out,
of everything.
And time is one thing, we do need.
I hope we get it,
and do the right thing,
before the end, of everything!
(to chorus)

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