That's Just the Way That It Is!

Mark D. Boucher
Mark D. Boucher


That’s just The Way That It Is!

It’s been a wile,
since I’ve really smiled.
It’s been a long time,
I laughed until I cried.
I’d like to do it again,
don’t know when I can fit it in.
But if I bust a gut,
I hope it ain’t over much.


Sometimes I get so serious,
I feel delirious.
The pressures of each day,
sometimes they like to stay.
I’m trying to lighten it up,
I just can’t find my cup.
there I go again,
It ought to work out in the end.


I guess that’s just the way,
things are for today.
I guess that’s just the way,
that it is. (2x)



Well just the other day,
I must of been in someone’s way.
I was walking to work,
and he called me a F ing jerk.
He didn’t want to share the drive,
and gave me the evil eye.
I think he’d like to run me over,
for being off the shoulder.


There never seems to be,
a shortage of people that are mean.
If Jesus don’t come back,
there’s bound to be a nuclear attack.
All I can do is try,
to look on the bright side.
The meaner people are,
the nicer I am by far.
(To Chorus)

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