Something Better To Do

Mark D. Boucher
Mark D. Boucher


I need to figure out,

something better to do.

You love me, and I love you,

Well I know that’s it’s true.

But we don’t do things anymore,

like we use to do.

So I’m trying to figure out,

something better to do.


 We use to drink the same drink.

We use to listen to the same old songs,

until we went to sleep.

Now were not together much,

like we use to be.

And you ask me if something,

is bothering me.




Doing nothing is something,

but there’s got to be something better,

to do. (2x)



Well life is pretty hectic,

were busy all the time.

You got your work and I got mine,

with overtime.

Something always needs a-fixing,

there’s always another bill.

It’s hard to be romantic,

with out the frills.


We could take a vacation

we could go back to school.

We could learn to fly kites,

like little kids they do.

I know you won’t go canoeing,

cause we flipped one with the dog.

But I can get a blow-up pool,

and we can both get water-logged.

(To Chorus)


Maybe we can take a walk,

hand in hand would nice.

I’m gona whisper in your ear,

and make your smile bright.

Lets try a little bit harder babe,

and see what we can do.

To get the fires burning again,

just us two.

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