Pictures They Remind Us

Mark D. Boucher
Mark D. Boucher


Pictures They Remind Us…

When I think about, all that I have done.
And I think about, all the way I’ve come.
I’m glad I got some pictures, if it’s only some.
So I can remember, just where I come from.


Pictures they remind us, things that we have seen.
They take us back in time, to special memories.
There’s more to the story, we can see.
Pictures they remind us, the way it use to be.


I got some pictures of me, when I was a baby.
I got pictures when I was little, climbing up a tree.
I got pictures from high school, acting all crazy.
I got pictures of me, that I like to see.
(To Chorus)

My dad’s got pictures, of his war story.
Of the airplanes and men, that flew into history.
The pictures tell a story, anyone can see.
How they gave there lives, so we could be free.
(To Chorus)


Everyone has a story, something they can tell.
If you got some pictures, you ought to treat them well.
So you can share your story, so other’s can see.
That you got a picture, the way it use to be…
(To Chorus)

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