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Mark D. Boucher
Mark D. Boucher


My LP’s

I still got record’s
up on a shelf.
And I listen to them,
all by my self.
Technology got everyone, hooked on TV,
but I liked records ever since I was three.
Uh huh, O ya, Records.


I like the sound the needle makes,
when it drops.
And the dragging sound it makes,
until it stops.
The clicks and pop’s I, think that there great.
records really, take the cake.
Uh huh, O ya, Records.



My records I can’t, throw away.
Even though they get more obsolete, every day.
There might be one that I, want to play.
My records I can’t, throw away.


When I find a record that’s,
all scratched up.
It’s probably cause we played it, non stop.
watch it going round and round and round,
It was something that went with the sound.
Uh huh, O ya, Records.


Some people thought the album cover,
was the best.
My favorite was the girl with wipe cream,
on her chest.
Sometimes a big poster would be inside,
O la la had eyes that moved from side to side.
Uh huh, O ya, Records.
(To Chorus)

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