Momma Raised Me Right

Mark Boucher
Mark Boucher


Ya Momma Raised me right,

that's why I didn't fight,

in the playground after school.

It would have been real nice,

to kick someone's ass once or twice,

but it was against here rules.

Being a Mommas boy,

wasn’t easy to enjoy,

The kids teased me all the time.

But I knew that some day,

it would all be OK,

if I did what my momma say.


Ya Momma raised me right,

and if no surprise,

that I turned out this way.

Being a Mommas boy, is something I enjoy,

I guess I like it that way.

When You come inside,

hang up your coat and remove your shoes,

I been cleaning all day long.

Make your bed every day and

put all your clothes away,

and wile your at it clean your room.

Set the table for dinner,

no eating in the living room,

you might spill something on the rug.

After dinner it's wash, stack or dry,

and you boy's better not fight,

don't make me have to supervise.

No Cheating on a test,

and always do your best and

do your homework after school.

Don't hang out with fool's and

kids that break the rules.

They’ll only drag you down too.

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