In the Name of God

Mark D. Boucher
Mark D. Boucher


In The Name Of God

They knocked down the twin towers,
and everybody hollered,
"what the hell is going on?"
It’s something you have to see,
in order to believe,
so they showed it to us over and over on TV.


Terrorists brought a war,
right to our own shores,
and started blowing up everything.
And they feel justified,
and do it all in stride,
it’s all done for God and country.


In the name of God, many they do nod,
this is just what we need. God and country,
shout amen if you please,
I just hope that our God’s can agree.


When people get religious,
I get a little suspicious,
of the things that they say they believe.
Everyone thinks there right,
and even want to fight,
when you question what they believe.


People get so mad,
when ya question what they have,
why they believe what they believe.
Please don’t rock the boat,
it’s barely afloat,
by asking me what I believe.
(To Chorus)

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