I'm So Not Cool

Mark D. Boucher
Mark D. Boucher


I’m So Not Cool!

I’m so not cool, that I’m cool,
and I know that it’s true,
Even if no one else agrees,
it’s cool being me.


When I wear a hat,
the brims in the front.
To shade my eye’s, from the sun.
And if it has a logo, it must have been free.
I don’t pay to do their, advertising.

When I wear tennis shoes,
I lace them up.
Not till the top,
do I stop.
I know that ain’t the way, the kid’s do.
I’m just being me, un - cool.
(To Chorus)


My backpack has two straps,
and I use them both.
I know that to some,
I look like a joke.
But I think my shoulders both agree,
I’m much cooler than I seem.


Things they come in and,
go out of style.
But were just here for,
a little wile.
I’ll wear what I want anyway,
If I’m not cool, that’s ok.
(To Chorus)


My hair is the same as ,
years ago.
and I’m still wearing the,
same old clothes.
In cold weather I ,
bundle up.
If that ain’t cool well, so what!
(To Chorus)


You won’t find my paints, down round my knees,
My undies are only for me to see.
A belt and suspenders work just fine,
I double up all the time.
(to Chorus)

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