I Try Not To Kill

Mark D. Boucher
Mark D. Boucher


I Try Not To Kill

I don’t like to hurt things,
I don’t like to kill.
It just don’t give me,
much of a thrill.
I even felt sorry for,
some fish I’ve caught.
Even though I used them,
with tarter sauce.



I try not to kill, I let it go.
Even if it’s sitting, in the middle of the road.
Their all trying to make a living too.
I try not to kill, I let it go.


Sometimes I shoo fly’s,
out the door.
And spiders I’ll let go,
on their own accord.
One time I took a mouse,
out in the field.
I think he beat me back inside,
for his next meal.

The way they make veal,
ought to be illegal.
Animals deserve, a better deal.
Being all caged up,
never run and play.
What the hell’s the matter,
with people these days?
(To Chorus)

Now don’t get me wrong,
I do like meat.
And it’s something,
that I do eat.
But the way they made farms,
into big machines.
It makes me feel like,
were being mean.
(To Chorus)

Hunting’s fine,
much more humane.
That’s the way it was,
in the old days.
But for me, I just try.
To live and let live, before I die.

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