Dumb Ass

Mark D. Boucher
Mark D. Boucher


Well my wife likes to call me "dumb ass",

Sometimes when I’m just being me.

And It use to bother me some,

until I heard about our history.

"Dumb asses" have been all over,

with a very long history.

I’m proud to be a "dumb ass" too,

maybe I’ll make history.


Well first of all it's not "dumb ass",

but it’s "Dumas" don’t you see.

We come from the other side of the pond,

and we pronounce it differently.

But if you want to get my attention,

if you got something to say.

Go ahead and call me "dumb ass",

And it will be ok.


When my wife, she called me "dumb ass",

I said, now there’s a song.

She said write a song if you want to,

and make sure that it ain’t to long.

And don’t be a "smart ass", "dumb ass",

when your write about me.

If you do I’ll write a song of my own,

and it won’t be about me!



Don't be a "smart ass", "dumb ass",

is all I got to say.

Don’t be a "smart ass", "dumb ass",

and everything will be ok!



Our history is a long one,

standing in the garden with Eve.

Adam only wanted some apples,

to go with his ice tea.

Eve started calling him "dumb ass",

for messing up everything.

The name it stuck

and has been passed down,

thru out our history.


A "dumb ass" helped

build the first pyramid,

he was drawing up plans for the roof.

He forgot and left them outside,

and they got covered up by sand.

Another "dumb ass" worked

on the Hindenburg,

he smoked a pipe so they say.

Ya "dumb asses" are all around us,

you might even be one someday.

(To Chorus)

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