Credit Man

Mark D. Boucher
Mark D. Boucher


How's your credit?

Is what the man did say.

Buy it today,

then pay and pay and pay.

Pay four times,

what it’s really worth.

Come tomorrow you may not

even own a shirt.




The credit man,

has really got some nerve,

giving me credit,

that I did not deserve.

Someone should,

put a stop to all his plans.

He’s coming to take,

To take all that he can.



Buy a house

pay for thirty years.

it could work out,

if life don’t throw a curve.

Hard times can,

can change all of that,

you don’t need to worry,

you wont get your money back.

(To Chorus)


When there giving,

three cents on the dollar.

I swear to god,

it makes me want to holler.

It should really,

it should really be illegal.

But money has already,

bought off all the right people.

(To Chorus)


And now the government,

is helping the rich guy.

Using our money,

so they don’t have to cry.

Take care of the rich,

and wait a little wile.

And our money,

will trickle back to us in style.

(To Chorus)

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