Three Wishes

by Mark D. Boucher

Released 2010
Mark Boucher Music
Released 2010
Mark Boucher Music
The music is good natured and uplifting. It also has some deeper songs about the hard things we confront in life. The music is hard driving for folk music, with lots of interesting instruments and sounds. Mark Boucher
  • 03:29 Lyrics
    Three Wishes

    If I had three wishes,

    you know what I would do?

    I’d probably give them all,

    right back to you.

    I’d probably blow it, if they were mine.

    And I’d end up owing, somebody a dime.


    I can't be trusted,

    with my own life.

    That’s why it’s good,

    that I made you my wife.

    Assisted living,

    what do ya think that costs?

    With out you babe,

    I would really be lost.




    Wishes don’t usually come true,

    Like we’d like them too.

    But sometimes wishes they do,

    that’s why I married you.



    I can’t drive from point-a,

    To point-b,

    without driving,

    way past point-c.

    You argue with me,

    argue constantly.

    Because you love me,

    and I’d have to agree.


     Wish in one hand,

    and shit in the other,

    and see which one,

    will fill up faster.

    Well that’s the way,

    wishes usually go.

    Ain’t no need to say,

    I told you so.

    (To Chorus)


    I wish I had money,

    saved up in a tree.

    And I would shake it, just for you to see.

    I wish us, a real long life,

    and that your happy, just being my wife.

    (To Chorus)

  • 02:38 Lyrics
    Dumb Ass

    Well my wife likes to call me "dumb ass",

    Sometimes when I’m just being me.

    And It use to bother me some,

    until I heard about our history.

    "Dumb asses" have been all over,

    with a very long history.

    I’m proud to be a "dumb ass" too,

    maybe I’ll make history.


    Well first of all it's not "dumb ass",

    but it’s "Dumas" don’t you see.

    We come from the other side of the pond,

    and we pronounce it differently.

    But if you want to get my attention,

    if you got something to say.

    Go ahead and call me "dumb ass",

    And it will be ok.


    When my wife, she called me "dumb ass",

    I said, now there’s a song.

    She said write a song if you want to,

    and make sure that it ain’t to long.

    And don’t be a "smart ass", "dumb ass",

    when your write about me.

    If you do I’ll write a song of my own,

    and it won’t be about me!



    Don't be a "smart ass", "dumb ass",

    is all I got to say.

    Don’t be a "smart ass", "dumb ass",

    and everything will be ok!



    Our history is a long one,

    standing in the garden with Eve.

    Adam only wanted some apples,

    to go with his ice tea.

    Eve started calling him "dumb ass",

    for messing up everything.

    The name it stuck

    and has been passed down,

    thru out our history.


    A "dumb ass" helped

    build the first pyramid,

    he was drawing up plans for the roof.

    He forgot and left them outside,

    and they got covered up by sand.

    Another "dumb ass" worked

    on the Hindenburg,

    he smoked a pipe so they say.

    Ya "dumb asses" are all around us,

    you might even be one someday.

    (To Chorus)

  • 03:01 Lyrics
    Credit Man

    How's your credit?

    Is what the man did say.

    Buy it today,

    then pay and pay and pay.

    Pay four times,

    what it’s really worth.

    Come tomorrow you may not

    even own a shirt.




    The credit man,

    has really got some nerve,

    giving me credit,

    that I did not deserve.

    Someone should,

    put a stop to all his plans.

    He’s coming to take,

    To take all that he can.



    Buy a house

    pay for thirty years.

    it could work out,

    if life don’t throw a curve.

    Hard times can,

    can change all of that,

    you don’t need to worry,

    you wont get your money back.

    (To Chorus)


    When there giving,

    three cents on the dollar.

    I swear to god,

    it makes me want to holler.

    It should really,

    it should really be illegal.

    But money has already,

    bought off all the right people.

    (To Chorus)


    And now the government,

    is helping the rich guy.

    Using our money,

    so they don’t have to cry.

    Take care of the rich,

    and wait a little wile.

    And our money,

    will trickle back to us in style.

    (To Chorus)

  • 03:34 Lyrics
    Something Better To Do

    I need to figure out,

    something better to do.

    You love me, and I love you,

    Well I know that’s it’s true.

    But we don’t do things anymore,

    like we use to do.

    So I’m trying to figure out,

    something better to do.


     We use to drink the same drink.

    We use to listen to the same old songs,

    until we went to sleep.

    Now were not together much,

    like we use to be.

    And you ask me if something,

    is bothering me.




    Doing nothing is something,

    but there’s got to be something better,

    to do. (2x)



    Well life is pretty hectic,

    were busy all the time.

    You got your work and I got mine,

    with overtime.

    Something always needs a-fixing,

    there’s always another bill.

    It’s hard to be romantic,

    with out the frills.


    We could take a vacation

    we could go back to school.

    We could learn to fly kites,

    like little kids they do.

    I know you won’t go canoeing,

    cause we flipped one with the dog.

    But I can get a blow-up pool,

    and we can both get water-logged.

    (To Chorus)


    Maybe we can take a walk,

    hand in hand would nice.

    I’m gona whisper in your ear,

    and make your smile bright.

    Lets try a little bit harder babe,

    and see what we can do.

    To get the fires burning again,

    just us two.

  • 03:15 Lyrics
    Happy Wheatland

    It's been a whole year,

    since we’ve been here.

    and the place is looking great to me.

    As I look around I can here the sounds,

    of people playing and starting to sing.


    Rain or shine

    we'll still have a good time,

    it’s good to be out of doors.

    We try not to worry

    and don’t have to hurry,

    that’s what this weekend is for.




    Happy Wheatland, Happy Wheatland,

    Happy Wheatland, Happy Wheatland.



    I see port-a-potty Scott,

    is still by the trees.

    Where people like to party and play.

    And the "Pink Flamingoes"

    are still holding a pose.

    Helping people to find there way.


    We been coming here,

    some twenty odd years,

    and it’s always a thrill to see.

    All the camp sights,

    and people walking by,

    just as we get clear of the trees.

    (To Chorus)


    Look up in the sky,

    and there you might find,

    The Milky way cutting a trail.

    And then in a wile the Sun it will smile,

    at another beautiful day.


    Every year we come here,

    and see people so dear,

    to party and music we play

    To bad we can’t stay,

    but what can ya say,

    but see ya again someday.

    (To Chorus)

  • 04:44 Lyrics
    Whats Life All about?

    I was wondering about the other day,

    when I got into harms way.

    Was there something I did or didn’t do,

    and it left me feeling a bit confused.

    When life throws us a curve,

    is that something that we deserve?

    Cause and effect I think understand,

    but is life really all that bland?




    What’s life all about?

    Do I need to shout?

    Is it ok, if I do pout?

    What’s life all about?

    Well I got my doubts.

    That we’ll ever, find out.



    I got hit by a car when I was ten,??

    it wasn’t much of an accident even then.

    But in the air I thought of my Mom and Dad,

    I was hopping that they wouldn’t be mad.

    My life flashed by like scenes from a B movie,

    memories that didn’t mean much to me.

    I landed on the hood,

    and fell back on the ground,

    The driver left when he,

    didn’t see anyone around.

    (To Chorus)


    When I was young I almost drowned,

    walking in a pool and going down.

    No one knew I was there, I didn’t make a sound,

    but Grandma seen a splash as I went down.

    I was sitting on the bottom looking around,

    Uncle Frank and Dad they were looking down.

    They both jumped in and pulled me up,

    and now I wonder if it was just luck!

    (To Chorus)


    Well I wonder if I

    stopped to tie my shoe,

    just what that in time would do.

    Do to me and, do to you.

    Would we still be here to think it thru?

    Just a little change can rearrange,

    everything that don’t stay the same.

    Do what ya can and forget the rest,

    and hope that this ain’t some big test!

  • 02:27 Lyrics
    Your Mama Don't Love You...

    Well my girl’s real fun to be with,

    she always got something to say!

    And if you get to meet her,

    she might even get in your face.

    She don’t care what people think,

    she don’t mind being bold.

    And if you don’t like it,

    she might tell you were to go!




    Your Mamma don’t love ya,

    she dresses ya funny,

    ya stink and don’t love God.

    Well listen up you buttercup,

    I said that with love. (2x)



    Well she’s not rude,

    it’s just her way, to tell it like it is.

    And it takes guts to tell the truth,

    Instead of lying like a kid.

    But you got to be, ready for that,

    it can make you more a man.

    maybe then you’ll understand,

    why she takes a stand.

    (To Chorus)


    When she disagrees with you,

    she might say something obscene.

    But don’t let that upset you,

    she isn’t being mean.

    She just calls it like it is,

    ain’t nothing wrong with that.

    It’s better than someone

    that smiles at you,

    and stabs you in your back.

    (To Chorus)

  • 02:55 Lyrics
    Mind Over Matter

    When things are coming at you,

    and you don’t know what to do.

    Don’t even give it a second thought,

    don’t let it bother you.

    It’s one thing after another,

    there ain’t nothing I can do.

    I do what my wife she told me,

    and you can do it to!




    It’s mind over matter,

    got no mind it don’t matter.

    It’s mind over matter,

    got no mind it don’t matter.



    Don’t sweat the small stuff,

    there’s plenty of things to do.

    The little problems will go away,

    if ya tell them to.

    Life is to short,

    to get wound up like a clock.

    You could be smelling roses,

    instead of a dirty old sock.

    (To Chorus)


    They use to call me skinny,

    stretch and bean pole.

    I never use to wear short pants,

    because my knobby knees would show.

    They must of all been jealous,

    now they call me fatso.

    Some of them are gone now,

    well that’s the way it goes.

    (To Chorus)


    I don’t mind people being rude,

    It makes me look well behaved.

    I don’t mind if ya tell me off,

    I probable had it coming any way.

    I don’t mind being last,

    Jesus said It’s ok.

    And any way ya cut it,

    it’s pie just the same.

    (To Chorus)

  • 02:33 Lyrics
    Confuse the Mexican

    (For Cookie, Ray Man and Eno)

    I work with a Latino,
    a Mexican he did say.
    He said "You confuse me,
    each and every day.
    Why don’t you write a song,
    and here’s what you can say.
    You confuse the Mexican,
    each and every day."



    Confuse the Mexican, each and every day.
    Confuse the Mexican, is a game I like to play.
    Confuse the Mexican, I do it with out shame.
    Confuse the Mexican, each and every day.


    The wife and I were barbequing
    outside the other day.

    I put up a string of party lights,
    "Jose Quervo" they did say.
    I told her it’s a "Mexican Catcher"
    let’s see what comes our way.
    Then Cookie and Ray man showed up,
    I guess it work’s ok.
    (To Chorus)


    Well I’m not prejudice,
    I hate everyone the same.
    But when people get together,
    some things you just can’t say.
    We all come from somewhere,
    we all go back to the grave.
    If God wanted us all the same,
    He would of made us all that way.
    (To Chorus)

  • 02:55 Lyrics
    It Don't Matter Much

    Things they change so fast,
    and I’m getting slow.
    just when I figure out my path,
    I feel too old.
    I know it ain’t fair,
    but that’s just the way it goes.
    About the time we get it right,
    they stick us in a hole.



    (Chorus) It don’t matter much,
    what I think, what I do or say.
    Things will keep on changing,
    changing anyway.



    The virtual world is a reality,
    that I don’t need.
    Computers are in every home,
    and every TV.
    What happened to things you could touch,
    and really see?
    Everything is going digital,
    except me.
    (To Chorus)


    I like books that have pages,
    that I can hold.
    Stick them up on a Shelf,
    and watch them get old.
    Pictures that turn yellow,
    of kin folk that I don’t know.
    There all part of the life, that I do know.

  • 05:40 Lyrics
    Get My Ducks In A Line

    Here I am again,
    and I’m wondering,
    if maybe I should quit?

    And I Realize,
    it’s no surprise,
    that it never really fit.

    I got priorities,
    and there clear to me,
    but I often let them slip.

    This time,
    I’ll do things right.
    even if it takes all night.




    I got to get my ducks in line,
    their all mine. (2x)



    Make a change,
    and rearrange,
    not to worry if it’s strange.

    Do it right,
    start tonight,
    it will be better in a wile.

    Supper time,
    will be just fine,
    and we can all stop crying.

    I’ll just keep on,
    keeping on,
    and sing this here song.
    (To Chorus)

  • 03:19 Lyrics
    What Would Grandpa Say?

    What would grandpa say,
    if he were here today?
    He’d probably like color TV.
    And the telephone,
    without a cord of it’s own.
    Would really be something for him to see.


    Take his foot off the gas,
    and relax,
    not have to worry about a thing.
    The car knows where to go,
    and can tell him so,
    and will take care of everything.



    What would grandpa say,
    if he were here today?
    I wonder what he would say?
    We came a long way,
    but look at what we paid!
    What would grandpa say?



    Things are pretty nice,
    every thing looks bright,
    there’s always something to see.
    But where there were trees,
    there are now buildings,
    I wonder what grandpa would say?


    If it were me,
    I think I disagree,
    disagree with everything.
    We screwed the earth,
    just for money,
    but hey, maybe that’s just me.
    (To Chorus)

  • 03:20 Lyrics
    Staying Sane

    I’m so down low, how far can I go.
    I’ll catch up soon, this I know.
    If I don’t let my emotions show,
    it helps me to keep control.


    It’s summer in winter, winter in fall.
    Cold and rainy all day long.
    The sky is dark, no stars tonight,
    with cover like this I might take flight.




    Feeling lonely, feeling blue.
    Wonder what I should do.
    To get back in my frame,
    and pretend that I am sane!



    I guess that I’m love sick again,
    and I wonder when this will end.
    There’s no one to complain to,
    I always do what I want to do.


    I want something better than that,
    and I’m wondering just where she’s at.
    I guess I’ll have to rearrange,
    everything that don’t stay the same.
    (To Chorus)

  • 05:57 Lyrics
    When Worlds Collide

    When worlds collide,
    it ain’t a pretty sight. (2x)
    Do what ya can,
    and hope it never happens again. (2x)


    When I was a kid,
    all I wanted was to be big. (2x)
    And now I’m big,
    sometimes I wish I was a kid. (2x)




    Spiral galaxies,
    spinning round and round.
    There all entwined,
    with out making a sound.
    Light up the sky,
    as they fly.
    And once in a wile, we see them go by.



    Pick your battles,
    count your loses.
    add it up,
    see what it cost ya? (2x)


    What do you want,
    to be your home?
    the one you like,
    or the one you don’t? (2X)
    (To Chorus)

  • 03:59 Lyrics
    Holy Ground

    We’re walking on,
    holy ground.
    It’s all around,
    to be found.
    We’re walking on,
    holy ground.
    It’s all around.



    I can see,
    With my mind,
    I do see.
    I do see,
    I believe.



    Come the dawn,
    I’ll be gone.
    Way up high,
    I will fly.
    And I’ll find,
    what makes me cry,
    way up high.


    We’re walking on,
    holy ground.
    It’s all around,
    to be found.
    We’re walking on,
    holy ground.
    It’s all around.

1-Three Wishes; what would you do, if you had three wishes? I know what I would do...
2-Dumb ass; one day before living for work my wife called me "dumb ass" three or four times. I told her, "now there's a song" and she said " if you wright a song about me, don't be a smart ass, dumb ass, or I'll wright one about you too", I said "thanks, that's the chorus".
3-Credit Man; I wrote this song before they came out with the "bail out". When they did the bail out, I added the fourth verse. When I recorded it I forgot to play the forth verse, so I had to tagged it on the end. This was after I tore down the drums, so I decided to leave it just vocal and guitar.
4- Something better to do; well what can I say, ya get married, get busy, it's a song about love...
5-Happy Wheatland; My wife and I have been going to the "Wheatland Festival" for over twenty years, this is about that...
6-What's Life All About, I ponder what life is, what life could of been, and how a simple thing like stopping to tie your shoe, can change everything!
7-Your Mama don't love you...; My wife had this saying as a kid, I wrote the song and added the line with "buttercup" because it rhymed and sounded right. My wife told me that her friends older brother use to say the same expression and also called her "buttercup". I never used the term "buttercup" before, nor had she.
8-Mind over matter; the wife again, she says "if ya got no mind, it don't matter".
9- Confuse the Mexican; man am I glad to get to explain this. I use to jam at work with a friend (Mexican) named Eno. Every day he would tell me, "you confuse me". One day he said " you should wright a song about how you confuse the Mexican", so I did. Now you need to know, this is my fourth CD, and every song I ever wrote is in order on the four Cd's. One of my friends told me (some) of your songs are OK, you should make a Cd out of just them. Well, I think there all good, so that's why I use them all. Now I didn't want to leave this one song behind, and I hope no one is offended. "Cookie and Ray Man" are also Hispanic, and when I run into them, they'll get a free Cd.
10- It Don't Matter Much; sometimes I hate how much things change.
11- Get my Ducks In Line; it's whatever you need it to be...
12-What Would Grandpa Say?; my grandpa died when I was young, both of them, and they lived in a simpler world.
13-Staying Sane; in reference to my teenage years...
14-When Worlds Collide; sometimes were our own worst enemy.
15-Holy Ground; my wife is a native American, and I like their concept of "Holy Ground", but you can see it any way ya want, enjoy the music, mark

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