Pictures They Remind Us...

by Mark D. Boucher

Released 2010
Released 2010
Everything here is giving to you, with lyrics that are true. Some to smile, some to cry, some will take a wile. Mark Boucher
  • 05:24 Lyrics
    Pictures They Remind Us

    Pictures They Remind Us…

    When I think about, all that I have done.
    And I think about, all the way I’ve come.
    I’m glad I got some pictures, if it’s only some.
    So I can remember, just where I come from.


    Pictures they remind us, things that we have seen.
    They take us back in time, to special memories.
    There’s more to the story, we can see.
    Pictures they remind us, the way it use to be.


    I got some pictures of me, when I was a baby.
    I got pictures when I was little, climbing up a tree.
    I got pictures from high school, acting all crazy.
    I got pictures of me, that I like to see.
    (To Chorus)

    My dad’s got pictures, of his war story.
    Of the airplanes and men, that flew into history.
    The pictures tell a story, anyone can see.
    How they gave there lives, so we could be free.
    (To Chorus)


    Everyone has a story, something they can tell.
    If you got some pictures, you ought to treat them well.
    So you can share your story, so other’s can see.
    That you got a picture, the way it use to be…
    (To Chorus)

  • 03:21 Lyrics
    I'll Do What I Can For You

    I’ll Do What I Can For You!

    If something’s broke,
    let me know.
    I might be able to make it go.
    If glue and tape won’t do it,
    then maybe you shouldn’t use it.
    I’ll do what I can for you.

    I’ll do,
    what I can.
    I’ll do what I can for you.
    Because your so darn cute,
    if there’s something I can do.
    I’ll do what I can for you.

    If you lose your glasses,
    I’ll read for you.
    Even out loud if I have to.
    I’ll help you watch TV,
    and flick the channels too.
    I’ll do what I can for you.
    (To Chorus)

    If your scared,
    at night.
    I’ll be there to hold you tight.
    Turn out the lights,
    and go to sleep.
    I’ll do what I can for you.
    (To Chorus)

    When it’s cold,
    and the wind does blow.
    I’ll go outside and shovel snow.
    Incase there’s someplace,
    you’d like to go.
    I’ll do what I can for you.
    (To Chorus)

  • 03:09 Lyrics
    The Earth Is Angry!

    The Earth is Angry!

    Gas is going up,
    pay is coming down.
    Most people,
    are sticking around.
    Can’t fill there gas tanks,
    and pay the bills.
    Seems like it’s all,
    going to hell.

    There’s a new election,
    it’s the old school.
    And a black man,
    is running too.
    Never thought I’d seethe day,
    but what the hay.
    Their both gona need luck,anyway.


    The earth is angry, the earth is mad.
    And it’s about time, that we understand.
    We been to greedy, taking all we can.
    We need to give back, what we can.

    Terrorist think,
    they got a plan.
    To make us bow down,
    at there command.
    Violence causes violence,
    this I know.
    It doesn’t come,
    from the soul.

    Were running out,
    of everything.
    And time is one thing, we do need.
    I hope we get it,
    and do the right thing,
    before the end, of everything!
    (to chorus)

  • 03:16 Lyrics
    In the Name of God

    In The Name Of God

    They knocked down the twin towers,
    and everybody hollered,
    "what the hell is going on?"
    It’s something you have to see,
    in order to believe,
    so they showed it to us over and over on TV.


    Terrorists brought a war,
    right to our own shores,
    and started blowing up everything.
    And they feel justified,
    and do it all in stride,
    it’s all done for God and country.


    In the name of God, many they do nod,
    this is just what we need. God and country,
    shout amen if you please,
    I just hope that our God’s can agree.


    When people get religious,
    I get a little suspicious,
    of the things that they say they believe.
    Everyone thinks there right,
    and even want to fight,
    when you question what they believe.


    People get so mad,
    when ya question what they have,
    why they believe what they believe.
    Please don’t rock the boat,
    it’s barely afloat,
    by asking me what I believe.
    (To Chorus)

  • 03:17 Lyrics
    She Don't Like My Tone

    She Don’t Like My Tone!

    Sometimes my girl,
    is a real pearl.
    We play together,
    like a couple of squirrels.
    We were having fun and doing fine,
    then she hit me with this line.

    "I don’t like your tone,
    you just did me wrong.
    you can’t talk that way to me.
    Your tone gives you away,
    no matter what you say.
    I think you owe me an apology."


    When she don’t like my tone,
    I might as well stay home.
    There’s not much, that I can do. (2x)

    What I’d do, what I’d say?
    I said it in the nicest way,
    Couldn’t of said it nicer if I tried.
    Maybe she will cut some slack,
    if not we might as well go on back,
    When she don’t like my tone.

    She’s like the princess and the pea,
    with my tone she has to agree,
    she’s always analyzing me.
    My tone has to be just right,
    or else were gona fight.
    When she don’t like my tone.
    (To Chorus)

  • 05:19 Lyrics
    I Try Not To Kill

    I Try Not To Kill

    I don’t like to hurt things,
    I don’t like to kill.
    It just don’t give me,
    much of a thrill.
    I even felt sorry for,
    some fish I’ve caught.
    Even though I used them,
    with tarter sauce.



    I try not to kill, I let it go.
    Even if it’s sitting, in the middle of the road.
    Their all trying to make a living too.
    I try not to kill, I let it go.


    Sometimes I shoo fly’s,
    out the door.
    And spiders I’ll let go,
    on their own accord.
    One time I took a mouse,
    out in the field.
    I think he beat me back inside,
    for his next meal.

    The way they make veal,
    ought to be illegal.
    Animals deserve, a better deal.
    Being all caged up,
    never run and play.
    What the hell’s the matter,
    with people these days?
    (To Chorus)

    Now don’t get me wrong,
    I do like meat.
    And it’s something,
    that I do eat.
    But the way they made farms,
    into big machines.
    It makes me feel like,
    were being mean.
    (To Chorus)

    Hunting’s fine,
    much more humane.
    That’s the way it was,
    in the old days.
    But for me, I just try.
    To live and let live, before I die.

  • 04:25 Lyrics
    The Party's Over

    The Party’s Over!

    People use to come around,
    and party all the time.
    I don’t think they really cared,
    if we was doing fine.
    They just needed somewhere,
    to cut up and unwind.
    And we were always there,
    to show them a good time.


    There use to be a time,
    they almost formed a line.
    We didn’t have enough room,
    for everyone at the same time.
    Parking on the front lawn,
    and the neighbors they were spying.
    Then the cop’s would show up,
    and we would all be crying.


    (Chorus) The part’s over, And I’m sober.
    Let’s do something, just us two. (2x)



    They sat drinks on my speakers,
    someone broke my favorite glass.
    Complained about my music,
    then made me listen to rap.
    Let my dog’s out of the gate,
    dropped cigarettes on the floor.
    Told me what fun it was,
    and we should probably do it more.


    And now the party’s over,
    no one comes around any more.
    I guess it’s cause I’m older,
    and don’t go to the bar anymore.
    But I still like to have fun,
    play guitar all night long.
    singing songs for my wife,
    and my three dogs.

  • 02:57 Lyrics
    Free TV

    Free TV!

    When I was a kid I remember,
    running down the street.
    Looking up at the rooftops,
    all the antennas I would see.
    But now the roofs are bare,
    no antennas do I see.
    Everybody went out and got, cable TV.

    When my dad got cable TV,
    every channel was clear to see.
    we even had more channels,
    than we did with regular TV.
    Just a few dollars a month,
    for us a luxury.
    The future came to our street,
    and every one agreed. (but I’m goanna…)


    Cancel the cable, put up an antenna,
    I’m upgrading,to free TV.  (2x’s)


    Well I guess TV’s come full circle,
    all the stations come in clear.
    And I don’t need two hundred channels,
    to find out I don’t care.
    I could put it off with a DVR,
    but I’d have to watch it eventually.
    I think that just a few channels,
    will satisfy me.

    Their broadcasting HD TV for free,
    that something I can hardly believe.
    It’s time I make a switch,
    and get rid of what I don’t need.
    My wife said we watch to much TV,
    and I have to agree.
    I think it’s a no brainer,
    it’s antenna time for me!
    (To Chorus)

  • 03:18 Lyrics
    The Latest and Greatest!

    The Latest And Greatest!

    I’ve been around,
    for a wile.
    everything I got is,
    out of style.
    It don’t matter what,
    the trends are.
    I’m still happy playing, my guitar.

    My hair been the same,
    for forty years.
    Parted in the middle,
    still over the ears.
    I owe that to,
    the Beatles I guess,
    Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young,
    they said it best.


    I don’t need the latest and greatest,
    what ever it is.
    It don’t mean that much to me.
    I just try, to get by.
    and be what, I can be.



    Cars got big,
    then they got small.
    now there talking about,
    no cars at all.
    They take electricity,
    right from the wind.
    There doing things,
    that make my head spin.

    Everywhere there’s people,
    on the phone.
    Trying not to,
    feel alone.
    The closer we are,
    the further we get.
    It’s something that’s easy,
    to forget.
    (To Chorus)

  • 02:44 Lyrics
    Work All the Time

    Work All The Time!

    Summers gone,
    winters a coming.
    And I wonder where,
    all the fun was.
    It seems like work is,
    all I do.
    But that’s ok cause,
    I like food.

    Work so much,
    I don’t have time.
    To do the things that,
    I’d like trying.
    But I gota work,
    so we have cash.
    If I ever get rich,
    I’ll give some back.


    Gotta work all the time,
    man I feel like I’m flying.
    My feet never hit the ground,
    (but I think I’m coming down.) 2x


    Time keeps a ticking,
    a ticking away.
    I’m already starting,
    to turn grey.
    Work all the time,
    I guess that’s fine.
    It’s better than standing,
    in a soup line.


    I know I’m lucky that,
    I got a job.
    But working all the time,
    makes me feel robed.
    I want money,
    and time to.
    I guess that’s something,

  • 03:24 Lyrics
    Things Will Work Out!

    Things Will Work Out!

    I got up on the wrong side,
    of the bed.
    Don’t know what was going,
    thru my head.
    I barked at the wife,
    growled at the dog’s.
    The day just started out bad, that's all.

    When I get in a funk, and it’s
    hard to shake.
    I wonder if it’s something,
    that I ate?
    Probable not I think I,
    It’s just the way that I am.


    Things will work out,
    they usually do.
    Time is one thing that,
    can help us thru.
    Tomorrows another day,
    it will be ok.
    Things will work out,
    they usually do.


    I got to learn, to lighten up.
    Start out each day with, a new cup.
    Make mine happy with a, twist of kind.
    And warm it up with the, sunshine.

    Kiss the wife and, pet the dog’s.
    Play hide and seek with them, all day long.
    Run around, out in the yard.
    Have fun being just, who you are.
    (To Chorus)

    When things come at you and,
    their out of hand.
    There’s one thing I want you to, understand.
    Kiss the wife and, pet the dog’s,
    tomorrow will be a new day, after all.
    (To Chorus)

  • 03:13 Lyrics
    The Great Dreamer

    The Great Dreamer

    He’s the great dreamer,
    the big schemer.
    He’s always got something up his sleeve.
    But when it comes to action,
    I think something lacking.
    Being a dreamer must be his thing.


    He’s always got a new plan,
    they’ll be eating out of his hand,
    it will be great when it’s complete.
    I can hardly wait,
    and I hope I’m not late.
    When he makes history.


    But ya got to, do something.
    to make a dream reality.
    Yah ya got to, do something,
    to make your dream complete.



     When you get an idea,
    write it down.
    Then do something with your feet.
    nothing happens when your
    sitting around,
    and dreaming constantly.

    I’m inspired
    by your passion,
    and the dreams that you do dream.
    You can do anything that
    you want to,
    you just got to drop the other three.
    (To Chorus)

  • 04:13 Lyrics
    I'm So Not Cool

    I’m So Not Cool!

    I’m so not cool, that I’m cool,
    and I know that it’s true,
    Even if no one else agrees,
    it’s cool being me.


    When I wear a hat,
    the brims in the front.
    To shade my eye’s, from the sun.
    And if it has a logo, it must have been free.
    I don’t pay to do their, advertising.

    When I wear tennis shoes,
    I lace them up.
    Not till the top,
    do I stop.
    I know that ain’t the way, the kid’s do.
    I’m just being me, un - cool.
    (To Chorus)


    My backpack has two straps,
    and I use them both.
    I know that to some,
    I look like a joke.
    But I think my shoulders both agree,
    I’m much cooler than I seem.


    Things they come in and,
    go out of style.
    But were just here for,
    a little wile.
    I’ll wear what I want anyway,
    If I’m not cool, that’s ok.
    (To Chorus)


    My hair is the same as ,
    years ago.
    and I’m still wearing the,
    same old clothes.
    In cold weather I ,
    bundle up.
    If that ain’t cool well, so what!
    (To Chorus)


    You won’t find my paints, down round my knees,
    My undies are only for me to see.
    A belt and suspenders work just fine,
    I double up all the time.
    (to Chorus)

  • 03:34 Lyrics
    My Lp's

    My LP’s

    I still got record’s
    up on a shelf.
    And I listen to them,
    all by my self.
    Technology got everyone, hooked on TV,
    but I liked records ever since I was three.
    Uh huh, O ya, Records.


    I like the sound the needle makes,
    when it drops.
    And the dragging sound it makes,
    until it stops.
    The clicks and pop’s I, think that there great.
    records really, take the cake.
    Uh huh, O ya, Records.



    My records I can’t, throw away.
    Even though they get more obsolete, every day.
    There might be one that I, want to play.
    My records I can’t, throw away.


    When I find a record that’s,
    all scratched up.
    It’s probably cause we played it, non stop.
    watch it going round and round and round,
    It was something that went with the sound.
    Uh huh, O ya, Records.


    Some people thought the album cover,
    was the best.
    My favorite was the girl with wipe cream,
    on her chest.
    Sometimes a big poster would be inside,
    O la la had eyes that moved from side to side.
    Uh huh, O ya, Records.
    (To Chorus)

  • 05:36 Lyrics
    That's Just the Way That It Is!

    That’s just The Way That It Is!

    It’s been a wile,
    since I’ve really smiled.
    It’s been a long time,
    I laughed until I cried.
    I’d like to do it again,
    don’t know when I can fit it in.
    But if I bust a gut,
    I hope it ain’t over much.


    Sometimes I get so serious,
    I feel delirious.
    The pressures of each day,
    sometimes they like to stay.
    I’m trying to lighten it up,
    I just can’t find my cup.
    there I go again,
    It ought to work out in the end.


    I guess that’s just the way,
    things are for today.
    I guess that’s just the way,
    that it is. (2x)



    Well just the other day,
    I must of been in someone’s way.
    I was walking to work,
    and he called me a F ing jerk.
    He didn’t want to share the drive,
    and gave me the evil eye.
    I think he’d like to run me over,
    for being off the shoulder.


    There never seems to be,
    a shortage of people that are mean.
    If Jesus don’t come back,
    there’s bound to be a nuclear attack.
    All I can do is try,
    to look on the bright side.
    The meaner people are,
    the nicer I am by far.
    (To Chorus)

Yep, that's me on the cover, and I quit my piano lessons, can ya tell? Mark B.

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