Fresh Made Bed

by Mark D. Boucher

Released 09/01/2016
Mark Boucher
Released 09/01/2016
Mark Boucher
This is music that tells a story, it's fun music, Modern Folk Music with a dash of Rock...Sarcasm...and Humor. I play all the instruments and have fun trying.....LOL....Enjoy....Mark
These are comments form my fans on my "Radio Airplay" web sight also known as "Jango".
2016-08-03 “ kick-ass, man. ”
2016-08-01 “ excelet! ”
2016-07-15 “ Good tune ”
2016-06-22 “ nice song ”
2016-06-22 “ nice song ”
2016-06-18 “ good tune ”
Łódź PolandPl 2016-06-12 “ That's a great song! ”
2015-11-05 “ good voice ”
United StatesUs 2015-10-26 “ eh ”
2015-08-02 “ Good tune!! ”
2015-06-05 “ good tune ”
2015-05-29 “ Hey Great voice! ”
2015-05-12 “ Great Mark! ”
2015-05-01 “ …
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After All These Years

by Mark Boucher

Released 2014
Released 2014
An Album that's hard to classify, songs that speak to you and keep your interest. One guy said to me "It isn't Rock and it isn't folk and it sure isn't country". Someone else told "It's Good, that's what it is"... Mark
In my opinion, Mark is the Bob Dylan/Woody Guthrie of the new millennium! enjoy Butch Mattoid

Pictures They Remind Us...

by Mark D. Boucher

Released 2010
Released 2010
Everything here is giving to you, with lyrics that are true. Some to smile, some to cry, some will take a wile. Mark Boucher
  • 05:24 Lyrics
    Pictures They Remind Us

    Pictures They Remind Us…

    When I think about, all that I have done.
    And I think about, all the way I’ve come.
    I’m glad I got some pictures, if it’s only some.
    So I can remember, just where I come from.


    Pictures they remind us, things that we have seen.
    They take us back in time, to special memories.
    There’s more to the story, we can see.
    Pictures they remind us, the way it use to be.


    I got some pictures of me, when I was a baby.
    I got pictures when I was little, climbing up a tree.
    I got pictures from high school, acting all crazy.
    I got pictures of me, that I like to see.
    (To Chorus)

    My dad’s got pictures, of his war story.
    Of the airplanes and men, that flew into history.
    The pictures tell a story, anyone can see.
    How they gave there lives, so we could be free.
    (To Chorus)


    Everyone has a story, something they can tell.
    If you got some pictures, you ought to treat them well.
    So you can share your story, so other’s can see.
    That you got a picture, the way it use to be…
    (To Chorus)

  • 03:21 Lyrics
    I'll Do What I Can For You

    I’ll Do What I Can For You!

    If something’s broke,
    let me know.
    I might be able to make it go.
    If glue and tape won’t do it,
    then maybe you shouldn’t use it.
    I’ll do what I can for you.

    I’ll do,
    what I can.
    I’ll do what I can for you.
    Because your so darn cute,
    if there’s something I can do.
    I’ll do what I can for you.

    If you lose your glasses,
    I’ll read for you.
    Even out loud if I have to.
    I’ll help you watch TV,
    and flick the channels too.
    I’ll do what I can for you.
    (To Chorus)

    If your scared,
    at night.
    I’ll be there to hold you tight.
    Turn out the lights,
    and go to sleep.
    I’ll do what I can for you.
    (To Chorus)

    When it’s cold,
    and the wind does blow.
    I’ll go outside and shovel snow.
    Incase there’s someplace,
    you’d like to go.
    I’ll do what I can for you.
    (To Chorus)

  • 03:09 Lyrics
    The Earth Is Angry!

    The Earth is Angry!

    Gas is going up,
    pay is coming down.
    Most people,
    are sticking around.
    Can’t fill there gas tanks,
    and pay the bills.
    Seems like it’s all,
    going to hell.

    There’s a new election,
    it’s the old school.
    And a black man,
    is running too.
    Never thought I’d seethe day,
    but what the hay.
    Their both gona need luck,anyway.


    The earth is angry, the earth is mad.
    And it’s about time, that we understand.
    We been to greedy, taking all we can.
    We need to give back, what we can.

    Terrorist think,
    they got a plan.
    To make us bow down,
    at there command.
    Violence causes violence,
    this I know.
    It doesn’t come,
    from the soul.

    Were running out,
    of everything.
    And time is one thing, we do need.
    I hope we get it,
    and do the right thing,
    before the end, of everything!
    (to chorus)

  • 03:16 Lyrics
    In the Name of God

    In The Name Of God

    They knocked down the twin towers,
    and everybody hollered,
    "what the hell is going on?"
    It’s something you have to see,
    in order to believe,
    so they showed it to us over and over on TV.


    Terrorists brought a war,
    right to our own shores,
    and started blowing up everything.
    And they feel justified,
    and do it all in stride,
    it’s all done for God and country.


    In the name of God, many they do nod,
    this is just what we need. God and country,
    shout amen if you please,
    I just hope that our God’s can agree.


    When people get religious,
    I get a little suspicious,
    of the things that they say they believe.
    Everyone thinks there right,
    and even want to fight,
    when you question what they believe.


    People get so mad,
    when ya question what they have,
    why they believe what they believe.
    Please don’t rock the boat,
    it’s barely afloat,
    by asking me what I believe.
    (To Chorus)

  • 03:17 Lyrics
    She Don't Like My Tone

    She Don’t Like My Tone!

    Sometimes my girl,
    is a real pearl.
    We play together,
    like a couple of squirrels.
    We were having fun and doing fine,
    then she hit me with this line.

    "I don’t like your tone,
    you just did me wrong.
    you can’t talk that way to me.
    Your tone gives you away,
    no matter what you say.
    I think you owe me an apology."


    When she don’t like my tone,
    I might as well stay home.
    There’s not much, that I can do. (2x)

    What I’d do, what I’d say?
    I said it in the nicest way,
    Couldn’t of said it nicer if I tried.
    Maybe she will cut some slack,
    if not we might as well go on back,
    When she don’t like my tone.

    She’s like the princess and the pea,
    with my tone she has to agree,
    she’s always analyzing me.
    My tone has to be just right,
    or else were gona fight.
    When she don’t like my tone.
    (To Chorus)

  • 05:19 Lyrics
    I Try Not To Kill

    I Try Not To Kill

    I don’t like to hurt things,
    I don’t like to kill.
    It just don’t give me,
    much of a thrill.
    I even felt sorry for,
    some fish I’ve caught.
    Even though I used them,
    with tarter sauce.



    I try not to kill, I let it go.
    Even if it’s sitting, in the middle of the road.
    Their all trying to make a living too.
    I try not to kill, I let it go.


    Sometimes I shoo fly’s,
    out the door.
    And spiders I’ll let go,
    on their own accord.
    One time I took a mouse,
    out in the field.
    I think he beat me back inside,
    for his next meal.

    The way they make veal,
    ought to be illegal.
    Animals deserve, a better deal.
    Being all caged up,
    never run and play.
    What the hell’s the matter,
    with people these days?
    (To Chorus)

    Now don’t get me wrong,
    I do like meat.
    And it’s something,
    that I do eat.
    But the way they made farms,
    into big machines.
    It makes me feel like,
    were being mean.
    (To Chorus)

    Hunting’s fine,
    much more humane.
    That’s the way it was,
    in the old days.
    But for me, I just try.
    To live and let live, before I die.

  • 04:25 Lyrics
    The Party's Over

    The Party’s Over!

    People use to come around,
    and party all the time.
    I don’t think they really cared,
    if we was doing fine.
    They just needed somewhere,
    to cut up and unwind.
    And we were always there,
    to show them a good time.


    There use to be a time,
    they almost formed a line.
    We didn’t have enough room,
    for everyone at the same time.
    Parking on the front lawn,
    and the neighbors they were spying.
    Then the cop’s would show up,
    and we would all be crying.


    (Chorus) The part’s over, And I’m sober.
    Let’s do something, just us two. (2x)



    They sat drinks on my speakers,
    someone broke my favorite glass.
    Complained about my music,
    then made me listen to rap.
    Let my dog’s out of the gate,
    dropped cigarettes on the floor.
    Told me what fun it was,
    and we should probably do it more.


    And now the party’s over,
    no one comes around any more.
    I guess it’s cause I’m older,
    and don’t go to the bar anymore.
    But I still like to have fun,
    play guitar all night long.
    singing songs for my wife,
    and my three dogs.

  • 02:57 Lyrics
    Free TV

    Free TV!

    When I was a kid I remember,
    running down the street.
    Looking up at the rooftops,
    all the antennas I would see.
    But now the roofs are bare,
    no antennas do I see.
    Everybody went out and got, cable TV.

    When my dad got cable TV,
    every channel was clear to see.
    we even had more channels,
    than we did with regular TV.
    Just a few dollars a month,
    for us a luxury.
    The future came to our street,
    and every one agreed. (but I’m goanna…)


    Cancel the cable, put up an antenna,
    I’m upgrading,to free TV.  (2x’s)


    Well I guess TV’s come full circle,
    all the stations come in clear.
    And I don’t need two hundred channels,
    to find out I don’t care.
    I could put it off with a DVR,
    but I’d have to watch it eventually.
    I think that just a few channels,
    will satisfy me.

    Their broadcasting HD TV for free,
    that something I can hardly believe.
    It’s time I make a switch,
    and get rid of what I don’t need.
    My wife said we watch to much TV,
    and I have to agree.
    I think it’s a no brainer,
    it’s antenna time for me!
    (To Chorus)

  • 03:18 Lyrics
    The Latest and Greatest!

    The Latest And Greatest!

    I’ve been around,
    for a wile.
    everything I got is,
    out of style.
    It don’t matter what,
    the trends are.
    I’m still happy playing, my guitar.

    My hair been the same,
    for forty years.
    Parted in the middle,
    still over the ears.
    I owe that to,
    the Beatles I guess,
    Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young,
    they said it best.


    I don’t need the latest and greatest,
    what ever it is.
    It don’t mean that much to me.
    I just try, to get by.
    and be what, I can be.



    Cars got big,
    then they got small.
    now there talking about,
    no cars at all.
    They take electricity,
    right from the wind.
    There doing things,
    that make my head spin.

    Everywhere there’s people,
    on the phone.
    Trying not to,
    feel alone.
    The closer we are,
    the further we get.
    It’s something that’s easy,
    to forget.
    (To Chorus)

  • 02:44 Lyrics
    Work All the Time

    Work All The Time!

    Summers gone,
    winters a coming.
    And I wonder where,
    all the fun was.
    It seems like work is,
    all I do.
    But that’s ok cause,
    I like food.

    Work so much,
    I don’t have time.
    To do the things that,
    I’d like trying.
    But I gota work,
    so we have cash.
    If I ever get rich,
    I’ll give some back.


    Gotta work all the time,
    man I feel like I’m flying.
    My feet never hit the ground,
    (but I think I’m coming down.) 2x


    Time keeps a ticking,
    a ticking away.
    I’m already starting,
    to turn grey.
    Work all the time,
    I guess that’s fine.
    It’s better than standing,
    in a soup line.


    I know I’m lucky that,
    I got a job.
    But working all the time,
    makes me feel robed.
    I want money,
    and time to.
    I guess that’s something,

  • 03:24 Lyrics
    Things Will Work Out!

    Things Will Work Out!

    I got up on the wrong side,
    of the bed.
    Don’t know what was going,
    thru my head.
    I barked at the wife,
    growled at the dog’s.
    The day just started out bad, that's all.

    When I get in a funk, and it’s
    hard to shake.
    I wonder if it’s something,
    that I ate?
    Probable not I think I,
    It’s just the way that I am.


    Things will work out,
    they usually do.
    Time is one thing that,
    can help us thru.
    Tomorrows another day,
    it will be ok.
    Things will work out,
    they usually do.


    I got to learn, to lighten up.
    Start out each day with, a new cup.
    Make mine happy with a, twist of kind.
    And warm it up with the, sunshine.

    Kiss the wife and, pet the dog’s.
    Play hide and seek with them, all day long.
    Run around, out in the yard.
    Have fun being just, who you are.
    (To Chorus)

    When things come at you and,
    their out of hand.
    There’s one thing I want you to, understand.
    Kiss the wife and, pet the dog’s,
    tomorrow will be a new day, after all.
    (To Chorus)

  • 03:13 Lyrics
    The Great Dreamer

    The Great Dreamer

    He’s the great dreamer,
    the big schemer.
    He’s always got something up his sleeve.
    But when it comes to action,
    I think something lacking.
    Being a dreamer must be his thing.


    He’s always got a new plan,
    they’ll be eating out of his hand,
    it will be great when it’s complete.
    I can hardly wait,
    and I hope I’m not late.
    When he makes history.


    But ya got to, do something.
    to make a dream reality.
    Yah ya got to, do something,
    to make your dream complete.



     When you get an idea,
    write it down.
    Then do something with your feet.
    nothing happens when your
    sitting around,
    and dreaming constantly.

    I’m inspired
    by your passion,
    and the dreams that you do dream.
    You can do anything that
    you want to,
    you just got to drop the other three.
    (To Chorus)

  • 04:13 Lyrics
    I'm So Not Cool

    I’m So Not Cool!

    I’m so not cool, that I’m cool,
    and I know that it’s true,
    Even if no one else agrees,
    it’s cool being me.


    When I wear a hat,
    the brims in the front.
    To shade my eye’s, from the sun.
    And if it has a logo, it must have been free.
    I don’t pay to do their, advertising.

    When I wear tennis shoes,
    I lace them up.
    Not till the top,
    do I stop.
    I know that ain’t the way, the kid’s do.
    I’m just being me, un - cool.
    (To Chorus)


    My backpack has two straps,
    and I use them both.
    I know that to some,
    I look like a joke.
    But I think my shoulders both agree,
    I’m much cooler than I seem.


    Things they come in and,
    go out of style.
    But were just here for,
    a little wile.
    I’ll wear what I want anyway,
    If I’m not cool, that’s ok.
    (To Chorus)


    My hair is the same as ,
    years ago.
    and I’m still wearing the,
    same old clothes.
    In cold weather I ,
    bundle up.
    If that ain’t cool well, so what!
    (To Chorus)


    You won’t find my paints, down round my knees,
    My undies are only for me to see.
    A belt and suspenders work just fine,
    I double up all the time.
    (to Chorus)

  • 03:34 Lyrics
    My Lp's

    My LP’s

    I still got record’s
    up on a shelf.
    And I listen to them,
    all by my self.
    Technology got everyone, hooked on TV,
    but I liked records ever since I was three.
    Uh huh, O ya, Records.


    I like the sound the needle makes,
    when it drops.
    And the dragging sound it makes,
    until it stops.
    The clicks and pop’s I, think that there great.
    records really, take the cake.
    Uh huh, O ya, Records.



    My records I can’t, throw away.
    Even though they get more obsolete, every day.
    There might be one that I, want to play.
    My records I can’t, throw away.


    When I find a record that’s,
    all scratched up.
    It’s probably cause we played it, non stop.
    watch it going round and round and round,
    It was something that went with the sound.
    Uh huh, O ya, Records.


    Some people thought the album cover,
    was the best.
    My favorite was the girl with wipe cream,
    on her chest.
    Sometimes a big poster would be inside,
    O la la had eyes that moved from side to side.
    Uh huh, O ya, Records.
    (To Chorus)

  • 05:36 Lyrics
    That's Just the Way That It Is!

    That’s just The Way That It Is!

    It’s been a wile,
    since I’ve really smiled.
    It’s been a long time,
    I laughed until I cried.
    I’d like to do it again,
    don’t know when I can fit it in.
    But if I bust a gut,
    I hope it ain’t over much.


    Sometimes I get so serious,
    I feel delirious.
    The pressures of each day,
    sometimes they like to stay.
    I’m trying to lighten it up,
    I just can’t find my cup.
    there I go again,
    It ought to work out in the end.


    I guess that’s just the way,
    things are for today.
    I guess that’s just the way,
    that it is. (2x)



    Well just the other day,
    I must of been in someone’s way.
    I was walking to work,
    and he called me a F ing jerk.
    He didn’t want to share the drive,
    and gave me the evil eye.
    I think he’d like to run me over,
    for being off the shoulder.


    There never seems to be,
    a shortage of people that are mean.
    If Jesus don’t come back,
    there’s bound to be a nuclear attack.
    All I can do is try,
    to look on the bright side.
    The meaner people are,
    the nicer I am by far.
    (To Chorus)

Yep, that's me on the cover, and I quit my piano lessons, can ya tell? Mark B.

Three Wishes

by Mark D. Boucher

Released 2010
Mark Boucher Music
Released 2010
Mark Boucher Music
The music is good natured and uplifting. It also has some deeper songs about the hard things we confront in life. The music is hard driving for folk music, with lots of interesting instruments and sounds. Mark Boucher
  • 03:29 Lyrics
    Three Wishes

    If I had three wishes,

    you know what I would do?

    I’d probably give them all,

    right back to you.

    I’d probably blow it, if they were mine.

    And I’d end up owing, somebody a dime.


    I can't be trusted,

    with my own life.

    That’s why it’s good,

    that I made you my wife.

    Assisted living,

    what do ya think that costs?

    With out you babe,

    I would really be lost.




    Wishes don’t usually come true,

    Like we’d like them too.

    But sometimes wishes they do,

    that’s why I married you.



    I can’t drive from point-a,

    To point-b,

    without driving,

    way past point-c.

    You argue with me,

    argue constantly.

    Because you love me,

    and I’d have to agree.


     Wish in one hand,

    and shit in the other,

    and see which one,

    will fill up faster.

    Well that’s the way,

    wishes usually go.

    Ain’t no need to say,

    I told you so.

    (To Chorus)


    I wish I had money,

    saved up in a tree.

    And I would shake it, just for you to see.

    I wish us, a real long life,

    and that your happy, just being my wife.

    (To Chorus)

  • 02:38 Lyrics
    Dumb Ass

    Well my wife likes to call me "dumb ass",

    Sometimes when I’m just being me.

    And It use to bother me some,

    until I heard about our history.

    "Dumb asses" have been all over,

    with a very long history.

    I’m proud to be a "dumb ass" too,

    maybe I’ll make history.


    Well first of all it's not "dumb ass",

    but it’s "Dumas" don’t you see.

    We come from the other side of the pond,

    and we pronounce it differently.

    But if you want to get my attention,

    if you got something to say.

    Go ahead and call me "dumb ass",

    And it will be ok.


    When my wife, she called me "dumb ass",

    I said, now there’s a song.

    She said write a song if you want to,

    and make sure that it ain’t to long.

    And don’t be a "smart ass", "dumb ass",

    when your write about me.

    If you do I’ll write a song of my own,

    and it won’t be about me!



    Don't be a "smart ass", "dumb ass",

    is all I got to say.

    Don’t be a "smart ass", "dumb ass",

    and everything will be ok!



    Our history is a long one,

    standing in the garden with Eve.

    Adam only wanted some apples,

    to go with his ice tea.

    Eve started calling him "dumb ass",

    for messing up everything.

    The name it stuck

    and has been passed down,

    thru out our history.


    A "dumb ass" helped

    build the first pyramid,

    he was drawing up plans for the roof.

    He forgot and left them outside,

    and they got covered up by sand.

    Another "dumb ass" worked

    on the Hindenburg,

    he smoked a pipe so they say.

    Ya "dumb asses" are all around us,

    you might even be one someday.

    (To Chorus)

  • 03:01 Lyrics
    Credit Man

    How's your credit?

    Is what the man did say.

    Buy it today,

    then pay and pay and pay.

    Pay four times,

    what it’s really worth.

    Come tomorrow you may not

    even own a shirt.




    The credit man,

    has really got some nerve,

    giving me credit,

    that I did not deserve.

    Someone should,

    put a stop to all his plans.

    He’s coming to take,

    To take all that he can.



    Buy a house

    pay for thirty years.

    it could work out,

    if life don’t throw a curve.

    Hard times can,

    can change all of that,

    you don’t need to worry,

    you wont get your money back.

    (To Chorus)


    When there giving,

    three cents on the dollar.

    I swear to god,

    it makes me want to holler.

    It should really,

    it should really be illegal.

    But money has already,

    bought off all the right people.

    (To Chorus)


    And now the government,

    is helping the rich guy.

    Using our money,

    so they don’t have to cry.

    Take care of the rich,

    and wait a little wile.

    And our money,

    will trickle back to us in style.

    (To Chorus)

  • 03:34 Lyrics
    Something Better To Do

    I need to figure out,

    something better to do.

    You love me, and I love you,

    Well I know that’s it’s true.

    But we don’t do things anymore,

    like we use to do.

    So I’m trying to figure out,

    something better to do.


     We use to drink the same drink.

    We use to listen to the same old songs,

    until we went to sleep.

    Now were not together much,

    like we use to be.

    And you ask me if something,

    is bothering me.




    Doing nothing is something,

    but there’s got to be something better,

    to do. (2x)



    Well life is pretty hectic,

    were busy all the time.

    You got your work and I got mine,

    with overtime.

    Something always needs a-fixing,

    there’s always another bill.

    It’s hard to be romantic,

    with out the frills.


    We could take a vacation

    we could go back to school.

    We could learn to fly kites,

    like little kids they do.

    I know you won’t go canoeing,

    cause we flipped one with the dog.

    But I can get a blow-up pool,

    and we can both get water-logged.

    (To Chorus)


    Maybe we can take a walk,

    hand in hand would nice.

    I’m gona whisper in your ear,

    and make your smile bright.

    Lets try a little bit harder babe,

    and see what we can do.

    To get the fires burning again,

    just us two.

  • 03:15 Lyrics
    Happy Wheatland

    It's been a whole year,

    since we’ve been here.

    and the place is looking great to me.

    As I look around I can here the sounds,

    of people playing and starting to sing.


    Rain or shine

    we'll still have a good time,

    it’s good to be out of doors.

    We try not to worry

    and don’t have to hurry,

    that’s what this weekend is for.




    Happy Wheatland, Happy Wheatland,

    Happy Wheatland, Happy Wheatland.



    I see port-a-potty Scott,

    is still by the trees.

    Where people like to party and play.

    And the "Pink Flamingoes"

    are still holding a pose.

    Helping people to find there way.


    We been coming here,

    some twenty odd years,

    and it’s always a thrill to see.

    All the camp sights,

    and people walking by,

    just as we get clear of the trees.

    (To Chorus)


    Look up in the sky,

    and there you might find,

    The Milky way cutting a trail.

    And then in a wile the Sun it will smile,

    at another beautiful day.


    Every year we come here,

    and see people so dear,

    to party and music we play

    To bad we can’t stay,

    but what can ya say,

    but see ya again someday.

    (To Chorus)

  • 04:44 Lyrics
    Whats Life All about?

    I was wondering about the other day,

    when I got into harms way.

    Was there something I did or didn’t do,

    and it left me feeling a bit confused.

    When life throws us a curve,

    is that something that we deserve?

    Cause and effect I think understand,

    but is life really all that bland?




    What’s life all about?

    Do I need to shout?

    Is it ok, if I do pout?

    What’s life all about?

    Well I got my doubts.

    That we’ll ever, find out.



    I got hit by a car when I was ten,??

    it wasn’t much of an accident even then.

    But in the air I thought of my Mom and Dad,

    I was hopping that they wouldn’t be mad.

    My life flashed by like scenes from a B movie,

    memories that didn’t mean much to me.

    I landed on the hood,

    and fell back on the ground,

    The driver left when he,

    didn’t see anyone around.

    (To Chorus)


    When I was young I almost drowned,

    walking in a pool and going down.

    No one knew I was there, I didn’t make a sound,

    but Grandma seen a splash as I went down.

    I was sitting on the bottom looking around,

    Uncle Frank and Dad they were looking down.

    They both jumped in and pulled me up,

    and now I wonder if it was just luck!

    (To Chorus)


    Well I wonder if I

    stopped to tie my shoe,

    just what that in time would do.

    Do to me and, do to you.

    Would we still be here to think it thru?

    Just a little change can rearrange,

    everything that don’t stay the same.

    Do what ya can and forget the rest,

    and hope that this ain’t some big test!

  • 02:27 Lyrics
    Your Mama Don't Love You...

    Well my girl’s real fun to be with,

    she always got something to say!

    And if you get to meet her,

    she might even get in your face.

    She don’t care what people think,

    she don’t mind being bold.

    And if you don’t like it,

    she might tell you were to go!




    Your Mamma don’t love ya,

    she dresses ya funny,

    ya stink and don’t love God.

    Well listen up you buttercup,

    I said that with love. (2x)



    Well she’s not rude,

    it’s just her way, to tell it like it is.

    And it takes guts to tell the truth,

    Instead of lying like a kid.

    But you got to be, ready for that,

    it can make you more a man.

    maybe then you’ll understand,

    why she takes a stand.

    (To Chorus)


    When she disagrees with you,

    she might say something obscene.

    But don’t let that upset you,

    she isn’t being mean.

    She just calls it like it is,

    ain’t nothing wrong with that.

    It’s better than someone

    that smiles at you,

    and stabs you in your back.

    (To Chorus)

  • 02:55 Lyrics
    Mind Over Matter

    When things are coming at you,

    and you don’t know what to do.

    Don’t even give it a second thought,

    don’t let it bother you.

    It’s one thing after another,

    there ain’t nothing I can do.

    I do what my wife she told me,

    and you can do it to!




    It’s mind over matter,

    got no mind it don’t matter.

    It’s mind over matter,

    got no mind it don’t matter.



    Don’t sweat the small stuff,

    there’s plenty of things to do.

    The little problems will go away,

    if ya tell them to.

    Life is to short,

    to get wound up like a clock.

    You could be smelling roses,

    instead of a dirty old sock.

    (To Chorus)


    They use to call me skinny,

    stretch and bean pole.

    I never use to wear short pants,

    because my knobby knees would show.

    They must of all been jealous,

    now they call me fatso.

    Some of them are gone now,

    well that’s the way it goes.

    (To Chorus)


    I don’t mind people being rude,

    It makes me look well behaved.

    I don’t mind if ya tell me off,

    I probable had it coming any way.

    I don’t mind being last,

    Jesus said It’s ok.

    And any way ya cut it,

    it’s pie just the same.

    (To Chorus)

  • 02:33 Lyrics
    Confuse the Mexican

    (For Cookie, Ray Man and Eno)

    I work with a Latino,
    a Mexican he did say.
    He said "You confuse me,
    each and every day.
    Why don’t you write a song,
    and here’s what you can say.
    You confuse the Mexican,
    each and every day."



    Confuse the Mexican, each and every day.
    Confuse the Mexican, is a game I like to play.
    Confuse the Mexican, I do it with out shame.
    Confuse the Mexican, each and every day.


    The wife and I were barbequing
    outside the other day.

    I put up a string of party lights,
    "Jose Quervo" they did say.
    I told her it’s a "Mexican Catcher"
    let’s see what comes our way.
    Then Cookie and Ray man showed up,
    I guess it work’s ok.
    (To Chorus)


    Well I’m not prejudice,
    I hate everyone the same.
    But when people get together,
    some things you just can’t say.
    We all come from somewhere,
    we all go back to the grave.
    If God wanted us all the same,
    He would of made us all that way.
    (To Chorus)

  • 02:55 Lyrics
    It Don't Matter Much

    Things they change so fast,
    and I’m getting slow.
    just when I figure out my path,
    I feel too old.
    I know it ain’t fair,
    but that’s just the way it goes.
    About the time we get it right,
    they stick us in a hole.



    (Chorus) It don’t matter much,
    what I think, what I do or say.
    Things will keep on changing,
    changing anyway.



    The virtual world is a reality,
    that I don’t need.
    Computers are in every home,
    and every TV.
    What happened to things you could touch,
    and really see?
    Everything is going digital,
    except me.
    (To Chorus)


    I like books that have pages,
    that I can hold.
    Stick them up on a Shelf,
    and watch them get old.
    Pictures that turn yellow,
    of kin folk that I don’t know.
    There all part of the life, that I do know.

  • 05:40 Lyrics
    Get My Ducks In A Line

    Here I am again,
    and I’m wondering,
    if maybe I should quit?

    And I Realize,
    it’s no surprise,
    that it never really fit.

    I got priorities,
    and there clear to me,
    but I often let them slip.

    This time,
    I’ll do things right.
    even if it takes all night.




    I got to get my ducks in line,
    their all mine. (2x)



    Make a change,
    and rearrange,
    not to worry if it’s strange.

    Do it right,
    start tonight,
    it will be better in a wile.

    Supper time,
    will be just fine,
    and we can all stop crying.

    I’ll just keep on,
    keeping on,
    and sing this here song.
    (To Chorus)

  • 03:19 Lyrics
    What Would Grandpa Say?

    What would grandpa say,
    if he were here today?
    He’d probably like color TV.
    And the telephone,
    without a cord of it’s own.
    Would really be something for him to see.


    Take his foot off the gas,
    and relax,
    not have to worry about a thing.
    The car knows where to go,
    and can tell him so,
    and will take care of everything.



    What would grandpa say,
    if he were here today?
    I wonder what he would say?
    We came a long way,
    but look at what we paid!
    What would grandpa say?



    Things are pretty nice,
    every thing looks bright,
    there’s always something to see.
    But where there were trees,
    there are now buildings,
    I wonder what grandpa would say?


    If it were me,
    I think I disagree,
    disagree with everything.
    We screwed the earth,
    just for money,
    but hey, maybe that’s just me.
    (To Chorus)

  • 03:20 Lyrics
    Staying Sane

    I’m so down low, how far can I go.
    I’ll catch up soon, this I know.
    If I don’t let my emotions show,
    it helps me to keep control.


    It’s summer in winter, winter in fall.
    Cold and rainy all day long.
    The sky is dark, no stars tonight,
    with cover like this I might take flight.




    Feeling lonely, feeling blue.
    Wonder what I should do.
    To get back in my frame,
    and pretend that I am sane!



    I guess that I’m love sick again,
    and I wonder when this will end.
    There’s no one to complain to,
    I always do what I want to do.


    I want something better than that,
    and I’m wondering just where she’s at.
    I guess I’ll have to rearrange,
    everything that don’t stay the same.
    (To Chorus)

  • 05:57 Lyrics
    When Worlds Collide

    When worlds collide,
    it ain’t a pretty sight. (2x)
    Do what ya can,
    and hope it never happens again. (2x)


    When I was a kid,
    all I wanted was to be big. (2x)
    And now I’m big,
    sometimes I wish I was a kid. (2x)




    Spiral galaxies,
    spinning round and round.
    There all entwined,
    with out making a sound.
    Light up the sky,
    as they fly.
    And once in a wile, we see them go by.



    Pick your battles,
    count your loses.
    add it up,
    see what it cost ya? (2x)


    What do you want,
    to be your home?
    the one you like,
    or the one you don’t? (2X)
    (To Chorus)

  • 03:59 Lyrics
    Holy Ground

    We’re walking on,
    holy ground.
    It’s all around,
    to be found.
    We’re walking on,
    holy ground.
    It’s all around.



    I can see,
    With my mind,
    I do see.
    I do see,
    I believe.



    Come the dawn,
    I’ll be gone.
    Way up high,
    I will fly.
    And I’ll find,
    what makes me cry,
    way up high.


    We’re walking on,
    holy ground.
    It’s all around,
    to be found.
    We’re walking on,
    holy ground.
    It’s all around.

1-Three Wishes; what would you do, if you had three wishes? I know what I would do...
2-Dumb ass; one day before living for work my wife called me "dumb ass" three or four times. I told her, "now there's a song" and she said " if you wright a song about me, don't be a smart ass, dumb ass, or I'll wright one about you too", I said "thanks, that's the chorus".
3-Credit Man; I …
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Timely Music

by Mark D. Boucher

Released 2009
Released 2009
Folk rock that is fun, funny and true. Mark Boucher
  • 02:43 Lyrics
    Timely Music

    One time my dad he told me son,
    Music’s in a terrible state.
    And what I’m hearing on the radio,
    Really ain’t that great.
    You kids seem to like that loud stuff,
    With all them electric guitars.
    Just give me Tommy Dorsey,
    And I’ll be happier by far.


    They didn’t need microphones,
    Amplifiers and cranes.
    They didn’t need a million watts,
    or to stand inside of flames.
    The music was for dancing,
    with words that you could say.
    Well that’s the way that music was,
    in those days.



    Some day you’ll be in my shoes,
    Shaking your head at the tunes,
    Coming out of your radio.
    Just keep it in mind,
    That music has a time.
    And that time,
    It comes and it goes.



    Time has come to shake my head,
    When I turn on the radio.
    The music has nothing to it,
    And it makes me want something old.
    Well in my day they played loud,
    but you could still hear a melody.
    I know I sound just like my Dad,
    And that’s ok by me.
    (To Chorus)

  • 03:38 Lyrics
    Lucky Pencil

    I'm writing this song about the "lucky Pencil,"
    I found it laying in the street.
    If your wondering what makes it lucky,
    well it was dirt cheap.
    All I had to do was pick it up,
    and put a point back on it's end.
    Now I got something lucky to write with,
    it must of been a God send.


    Well the pencil it may break,
    or run out of lead,
    but if I still got my lucky pencil,
    I’m goanna use it instead.
    It might sound a little bit silly,
    it might sound a kind of strange.
    But I want to use my lucky pencil,
    just the same.


    Well the eraser don’t erase,
    it only smudges up the page.
    and it feels like I'm getting slivers,
    where I hold the pencil in place.
    The pencil is painted hot pink,
    with spiral glitter round and round.
    And if it weren’t my "Lucky Pencil"
    I'd have to throw it down.
    (To Chorus)

    This is the first song I ever wrote,
    with these boogie-woogie notes.
    I want to make sure every line,
    makes sense and keeps in time.
    But my wife said "it's a silly song,
    why is it taking so long"
    It's the "Lu8cky Pencil" not me,
    that's doing the writing.
    (To Chorus)

  • 02:50 Lyrics
    It's The Me In You I See...

    It’s the me in you I see, That I don’t like.
    And I guess it’s no surprise sometimes,
    If we do fight.
    I got to have my way,
    And you have to have last say.
    It’s the me in you I see, That I don’t like.


    Well the Dog’s they fight amongst themselves,
    To see who’s boss.
    And they do this fighting with each other,
    At their own lost.
    Cause when they growl and are acting dumb,
    There not having fun.
    I think the me in you is,
    Like that some.


    It’s the me in you I see, That I don’t like.
    Everything I do, I think is right.
    It’ really getting to be, a frightening sight to me.
    It’s the me in you I see, That I don’t like.



    And everything in it’s place
    And sometimes when it’s not I make it,
    A federal case.
    The garage is a big mess,
    and that’s pretty much my space.
    It’s the me in you I see, That I don’t like.


    I guess I’ve been hard on you,
    And I know that ain’t my place.
    I just want the best for you, In any case.
    I’ll try to do better,
    And stay out of your face.
    It’s the me in you I don’t like, Anyway.
    (To Chorus)

  • 02:49 Lyrics
    Gonna Sue Myself

    Well I plagiarize my self,
    As I write new songs.
    Sometimes I get so happy,
    That I even sing along.
    The words they are familiar,
    And the chords I do know.
    With a rhythm that’s so snappy,
    I never play it slow.


    Homemade music,
    have it your way.
    You don’t have to worry,
    what the people say.
    You can play it fast,
    or you can play it slow,
    If someone don’t like it,
    you can tell them where to go.



    I’m gonna sue my self,
    for stealing my lines.
    I don’t care, If I get a dime.
    The important thing to me,
    Is stop me in time.
    Stop me from stealing all my lines.



    Pretty Girl and Shep Dog,
    Man what a team.
    To see them dog a playing,
    You’d think that they were mean.
    Records and eight tracks,
    Cassettes and CD’s.
    The music of the whole world,
    Is slowly killing me.


    The Barn is still standing,
    but those days are gone.
    Elephants were in the street,
    but not for very long.
    I don’t want to be a Pilot,
    Or Cop any more.
    and being a rock and roller,
    would probably be a bore.
    (To Chorus)

  • 04:16 Lyrics
    The Huckleberry Line

    Well Grandma told me about, the Hobos in her day.
    How they came to work,
    and sometimes they would stay.
    They stay as long as, there was work around.
    Then the next day, they were nowhere to be found.

    Sometimes she’d leave a pie,
    the window to be nice.
    But usually they had to work some,
    before they’d get a slice.
    She had a table on the back porch all screened in.
    Where the men could sit down and dig on in.


    When the Hobos came down, that Huckleberry Line.
    They usually stopped, at my Grandmas for a time.
    They put a mark, on the fence post by the tracks.

    To let others know, where there welcome was at.
    When the Hobos came down, that Huckleberry Line.
    They usually stopped, at my Grandmas for a time.



    She even picked up hitchhiker’s, as she drove us kids around.
    With a leather coat and a cigarette,
    the guy looked like James Dean.
    We scooted on over and were hoping he wasn’t mean.



    She really loved pheasants, and protected them with zeal.
    My dad was worried, that Grandma might get shot.
    Because she drive in the fields, just to make them hunters stop.
    Grandma didn’t like, bird hunters in her fields
    trusted people, more than we do now.

  • 06:31 Lyrics
    Simpler Times

    They say that freedom, is worth dying for.
    Then the same people, kick in your door.
    The government needs, to know everything.
    To protect us from, our enemies.


    What you say, and do on line.
    Is probably being analyzed.
    And If you spend to much time alone,
    they might even come, into your home.



    I go back in my mind, all the time.
    Back when it was a simpler time.
    The sky was blue and the fields were green.
    And the wind blew gently thru the trees.



    What we buy with plastic money.
    Is written down and given tally.
    The government gives St. Peter glee.
    Because it keeps track, of everything.


    Cameras record nearly everything.
    Whether you smile or disagree.
    If this is better than yesterday.
    I wonder what, tomorrow will say,
    (To Chorus)

  • 03:06 Lyrics
    Lucky Bastard

    I was walking down the street,
    I found eighty dollars at my feet.
    Yes, I’m, a lucky bastard.
    And I didn’t hesitate,
    wondering if it was a mistake.
    Yes, I’m, a lucky bastard.


    As I was walking along,
    I started singing a song.
    Yes, I’m, a lucky bastard.
    To find money at your feet,
    is really quite neat.
    Yes, I’m, a lucky bastard.


    A lucky bastard that’s me,
    and it’s easy.
    It ain’t my fault,
    so don’t hate me.
    I usually get the breaks,
    that I do need.
    Yes, I’m, a lucky bastard.


    This song came to me in a dream,
    along with another three.
    Yes, I’m, a lucky bastard.
    I forgot the other three,
    but I wrote this one for me.
    Yes, I’m, a lucky bastard.

    Well my wife she just called,
    and said no ones goanna like my song.
    Yes, I’m, a lucky bastard.
    She said it’s really irritating,
    well I couldn’t be more pleased!
    Yes, I’m, a lucky bastard.
    (To Chorus)

    Well I wrote another song,
    and It didn’t take to long.
    Yes, I’m, a lucky bastard.

  • 02:27 Lyrics
    Be Careful...

    A friend and I was hitchhiking,
    going no place in particular.
    Just to get out of the city,
    and see some place we never seen.
    We didn’t have much of a choice,
    cause we were to young to drive.
    And if we were to ask our parents,
    they wouldn’t of let us out of there sight.


    We stood there with long hair,
    and thumbs pointing to the sky.
    Wondering if we should start walking,
    how long would it take to get a ride?
    Just a couple of young hippies,
    out looking for a good time.
    And no matter what it takes,
    we were goanna give it a try.


    Well my mom she did warn me, be careful who you hang with.
    Because what they do, can come back on you.
    even if you don’t do what they do, be careful who you hang with.



    Finally a car stopped,
    and offered us a ride.
    They were going nowhere in particular,
    just out to the country side.
    It seemed like they were cool,
    so we jumped on inside.
    got into the backseat,
    and were ready for a ride.
    (To Chorus)


    We were doing over a hundred miles an hour,
    flying down the Dixie highway.
    They were drinking Boones farm laced with acid,
    and they even tried to pass it my way.
    I know it might sound funny,
    and it might sound a little strange.
    But even then it made me grin,
    knowing what my mom did say!
    (To Chorus)

  • 02:50 Lyrics
    She Teases Me

    Well, my wife got a funny way,
    of conversing with me.
    She repeats everything I say,
    and then she mimics me.
    Eventually I’ll get mad and she’ll say,
    "to bad, so sad, scratch your ass, and get glad."
    Then we’ll both laugh, cause it’s all in fun.


    She often try’s to make me sound,
    Like Bullwinkle the moose.
    And it use to make me feel like,
    I wasn’t couth.
    But now I know she does it,
    cause, she likes me.
    and it makes me feel proud,
    that she teases me.



    Nnothing up my sleeve.
    I don’t know.
    Come on Davey,



    Well it took me a little while,
    to get use to her style.
    She was making fun of me,
    and it must have been easy.
    I gave her a lot to work with,
    cause I didn’t like being teased.
    But now I can see,
    that she likes me.

    Well now I try the best I can,
    to take it like a man.
    Since I’m not three, well
    it shouldn’t bother me.
    I can play along,
    you can probably tell it by this song.
    Now it pleases me, when she teases me.
    (To Chorus)

  • 03:03 Lyrics
    Reality TV

    I watch TV to escape from my,
    But reality TV keeps on staring,
    back at me.
    When I see people on my TV who are,
    just like me.
    I might as well change the channel cause I’ve,
    seen me.



    I could be the star of my own,
    TV show.
    I got plenty of troubles to share with people,
    I suppose.
    Put me on right after Frasier and I,
    should do fine,
    cause I’m probably not ready for,
    the prime time.


    When I see Cop shows sometimes I,
    feel sad.
    Sad for all the people that are,
    doing bad.
    Sad for the Cop’s that are,
    not their dad’s.
    If they were it might of helped some when,
    they were young.
    (To Chorus)


    Actors have to act better,
    than we do.
    And that don't suprise me much because we,
    act like fools.
    But if they keep messing up TV with,
    I probably won't enjoy the shows I see on,
    my TV.
    (To Chorus)

  • 03:50 Lyrics
    Stay The Same

    Here I am,
    trying my best,
    to do something,
    with the rest.
    The rest of,
    the life I got,
    you never know,
    when it will stop.


    Everything seems to be the same,
    nothing really changed.
    no mater how hard I try,
    things kind of stay the same.



    Take a class,
    read a book,
    go to school,
    and study rules.
    Apply my self,
    to my wits end,
    and I’m feeling,
    like I’m ten.
    (To Chorus)


    When I was little,
    I was insecure,
    Now I’m older,
    and still got fear.
    No matter,
    what we do,
    I’m still me,
    and your still you.
    (To Chorus)

  • 02:11 Lyrics
    Made For Me

    Well, I need this and I need that,
    I need to be able to take it back.
    I need two or maybe three,
    I need something that’s made for me.
    Well, I need this, and I need that.


    I want it to fit just right,
    don’t want to struggle with it all night.
    If there are directions for me to read,
    maybe I should pay for assembly.



    Well there it is, can't you see,
    This here thing was made for me. ( 2x)



    I been needing this, my whole life,
    and here it is to my delight.
    sitting right in front of me,
    here is the thing that I do need.


    I try not to have to much,
    it only gets me in a rut.
    To much stuff to hang on to,
    is not something I want to do.
    (To Chorus)


    But this is different , this is fate.
    It was made for me make no mistake.
    Just gotta have this one thing more,
    and that should even up the score.
    (To Chorus)

  • 02:29 Lyrics
    Don't Get In Your Own Way

    Well a tiger, can’t change it’s stripes,
    And I guess I can’t change you.
    There ain’t no need to worry about me,
    if you don’t worry about you.


    Everyone chooses their own poison,
    everyone has something to dread.
    Well do we try and leave it alone,
    or do we bring on it home instead.


    Don’t get in your own way,
    That’s all I got to say.
    Life is hard enough,
    hard enough today. (2 x)


    If you got something better,
    you better do it right away.
    You better do it sooner than latter,
    later may be to late.

    We only got one go at this,
    you need to be your own best friend.
    Don’t let others drag you down,
    just because they are your friends.
    (To Chorus)

  • 03:41 Lyrics

    She's so nosey, we call her Rosie,
    Our little black dog with twelve toesies.
    She’s so nosey, we call her Rosie.
    Our little black dog with twelve toesies.


    Rosie nub's our little black dog,
    got three legs and uses them all.
    The fastest thing that you ever seen,
    does pretty good when she’s running.

    A new puppy in the family,
    is really a challenge for everybody.
    To the wife and I she’s a "pooping-pissing machine"
    and the dogs look at her jealously.
    (To Chorus)


    Shep Dog and Pretty Girl make a seen,
    showing their teeth and acting mean.
    I know they got to show who’s boss,
    but it scares me some because she’s so small.

    While the big dog’s growl and snarl at her,
    Rosie licks their teeth with out any fear.
    It’s really something for me to see,
    Rosie seems to trust them completely.
    (To Chorus)

I started playing trumpet in grade school. In high school I started to play guitar also. I think the Beatles had a lot to do with that.

I got my first guitar in 1970, and still have it, a "Toredo" acoustic. I never tried writing songs until after the "Dulcimer Festival" in Evart, Michigan 2007. I never thought I had anything to say, but I wrote 3 songs the first day. As of 05-06-2009 I have 108 songs.

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Cute Dog

by Mark D. Boucher

Released 2009
Released 2009
Reflections on life - folk music that rocks. upbeat folk music with a touch of rock. Mark Boucher
  • 03:12 Lyrics
    Cute Dog

    (Chorus) He’s my cute dog, He’s my cute dog.

    He rolls around on the floor,

    Then he does it even more.

    He flips up on his back,

    then looks at me and laughs.

    He’s my cute dog, he’s my cute dog.



    He always wants to please,

    and try’s to make me see.

    How wonderful he is,

    as he’s being such a tease.

    and if I don’t look,

    he’ll start to do his thing.

    He’s my cute dog,

    he’s my cute dog.

    (To chorus)


    Sometimes he gets to be,

    like a little kid it seems.

    Always wanting something,

    always pestering me.

    He’ll bark at me nonstop,

    till he gets what he does want.

    He’s my cute dog, he’s my cute dog.

    (To chorus)


     When he finally gets his way,

    and his tummy feels ok.

    He’s nowhere to be found,

    cause he’s all ready laid down.

    He jumps up on the bed,

    with a pillow under his head.

    He’s my cute dog,

    he’s my cute dog.

    (To chorus)

  • 02:37 Lyrics

    When I was a young man,

    well I had me some dreams.

    Dreams are just like clouds in the sky,

    wait a wile and you’ll see.

     I use to plan for tomorrow,

    like it had meaning.

    But tomorrows just another day,

    and what will be will be.





    So when things don’t make sense,

    and I’m losing my way.

    All I do is say "Hey" "Hey" "Hey",

    and it will be ok!




     I try to keep pressing on,

    and follow that path.

    But when it circles back on me,

    all I can do is laugh.

    We can’t change the past,

    and what will be will be.

    But maybe for the present,

    we can be happy!

    (To Chorus)


    So if you are young now,

    or older than me.

    You can still dream a dream,

    and see what you see.


    Make plans for the future,

    that’s still another day.

    But if they all get blown away,

    it will be ok!

    (To Chorus)

  • 02:28 Lyrics
    The Secret

    The "Law Of Attraction", is a new one to me,

    "The Secret" is a movie, about this very thing.

    It teaches people to live, a life of harmony.

    Being thankful all the time,

    and expecting better things.




    "The Secret" you see, is many, many things.

    It’s karma, it’s religion, it’s acting like were three.

    Try to be the best, the best that you can be.

    And let the universe, take care of you and me.



     You can have a good day,

    and you can have it bad.

    If sadness overtakes you,

    just think of what you have.

    That should make you smile,

    that should make you glade.

    Seeing that you really,

    don’t have it all that bad.

    (To Chorus)


     If you want something,

    let it be your dream.

    Then do something about it,

    and get ready to receive.

    Life is a journey,

    and I have no doubt.

    That happiness is something,

    that we shouldn’t be with out.

    (To Chorus)

  • 02:58 Lyrics
    Mr. Hanky


    Mr. Hanky I wouldn’t shit you,

    you’re my favorite turd.

    But waiting all day for you,

    Has got on my last nerve.

    You show up all the sudden,

    demanding to be heard.

    Mr. Hanky I wouldn’t shit you,

    you’re my favorite turd.



    I try to make it nice for you,

    by eating lots of fruit.

    I even take a supplement,

    designed to help you thru.

    I always want to see you,

    but sometimes you don’t show.

    Mr. Hanky you’re a handful,

    but this I think you know.

    (To Chorus)


    When you come around to often,

    your really quite a chore.

    And it’s always really something,

    when your rolling on the floor.

    But when your pissed off at me,

    and you pack your bags and leave.

    That’s when I really miss you,

    and it really tortures me.

    (To Chorus)


    Now I do every thing I can,

    to see you every day.

    And if you feel the need to,

    I guess that you can stay.

    You’re a big part of my life,

    each and every day.

    Mr. Hanky I do need you,

    Mr. Hanky your ok.

    (To Chorus)

  • 04:06 Lyrics
    Driving Around

    Driving around this old town,

    Trying to find out what’s going down, Hey!

    Could be this, could be that,

    if we don’t like it will give it back, Hey!

    Driving around this old town,

    Trying to find out what’s going down, Hey!




    Here we go again looking for fun,

    I hope we know it if we get us some.

    All we do is drive around,

    trying to be there when it’s going down.


    On the west side, then the east,

    lookout mama we do what we please, hey!

    If we get low on gas,

    guess we’ll have to go on back, hey!

    Driving around this old town,

    Trying to find out what’s going down, Hey!

    (To Chorus)


    Sometimes we go far away,

    out in the country dark and gray, hey!

    Not to worry cause were making tracks,

    probably be able to follow them back, hey!

    Driving around this old town,

    Trying to find out what’s going down, Hey!

    (To Chorus)

  • 02:24 Lyrics
    Sweet Memories

    Just sitting here thinking,

    thinking about you.

    Thinking about all the good times,

    that we been thru.

    When I first meet you,

    I was talking to your friends.

    You left just for a minute,

    and I was sitting in your chair.

    I couldn’t believe my eye’s,

    you really blew me away.

    Blue jeans and a Snoopy tee shirt,

    man you really looked great.




    These are my, these are my, these are my sweet memories.



     I was scared to make my move.

    I didn’t want to scare you away.

    But when the D.J. said last dance,

    I knew I couldn’t wait.

    "Careless Whisper" is what they played,

    arm in arm it was great.

    If I hadn’t got my courage up,

    you might of slipped away.

     I had to get your number,

    I called you the next day.

    We been together ever since,

    and I still love you the same.

    (To Chorus)

  • 03:00 Lyrics
    It's The Little Things

    I guess most of us have been, fooled into thinking.

    That there is something, something that we need.

    We need it just, just to make us happy.

    And if we get it, happy we will be.

    But I found out, that ain’t the way it is.

    And things don’t really, really make us happy.

    Happiness comes, it comes from within.

    And from within we can be happy.




    It’s the little things, the little things, the little things in life.

    It’s the little things in life that make it nice. (2x)



    Instead of chasing after things, to make ya happy.

    Try chasing after happiness it’s free.

    Start with a smile, and keep it there for a wile.

    It’s very contagious you will see.

     So try and take the time, to smell the roses.

    And then make some time, to believe.

    That life is just, what we make it.

    And you can make it, what you please.

    (To Chorus)

  • 04:30 Lyrics
    The Lonely House Plant

    One day I was looking at my table,

    sitting in my living room.

    Thinking that it looked pretty bare,

    and maybe there was something I could do.

    To make it look much better,

    make it look more like a room.

    Then all the sudden it hit me,

    a plant on the table would do.


     So I went down to the basement,

    where all the plants hung out and grew.

    By the door under the window,

    was a big "plant commune."

    And so I picked up a plant,

    and took it on up the stairs.

    Set it down on the table,

    and thought it looked good there.




    My wife said what were you thinking,

    that’s no way to treat a plant.

    If you were alone how would you like it,

    did you think about that?


    Well pretty soon the plant was drooping,

    my wife said, "see there, I’m right,

    you took the plant from his friends, and it don’t like that!"

    So I went back to the basement,

    back to the happy "plant commune."

    Got another one for up stairs,

    and put it on the table too.


     And now the plants are doing better,

    doing what plants like to do.

    Sitting side by side together,

    enjoying the sunshine and the view.

    What was I thinking, that ain’t no way to treat a plant.

    I agree with what my wife was saying,

    can ya imagine that?

    (Do do do do do) repeats

  • 03:19 Lyrics
    I Get Blamed For Everything!


    I get blamed, for everything,

    everything that happens around here.

    I know I must of done it, and you know I’m sorry dear.

    Yes, I get blamed for everything around here.


    I had me a little bit of ice cream,

    and I ate it right out of the bucket.

    I guess I might of scooped more from the middle,

    than from the sides.

    It wasn’t that I planed it that way,

    but if you heard my wife the next day.

    She said I ate a big hole in the middle,

    and left just a little on the side.


    One day we got some cheese,

    orange cheese, her favorite kind.

    She put it in the fridge, and then tucked it out of sight.

    When she took it out the next day,

    there were big teeth marks on the side.

    She said, "look at me did you do this?

    you know I can tell if you lie!"

    (To Chorus)


    Well the scissors they are missing,

    the nail clippers and flashlight.

    And someone must of made off,

    with the pot holders in the night.

    Put it back where it goes, is what I’m usually told.

    Well that’s what I always do, when I remember too!

    (To Chorus)


    Well my wife just called me as I was writing this,

    so I played her the first three lines.

    She said, "It’s true, it’s true, all of it,

    you do it all the time!" I said,

    "I didn’t mention your duct tape."

    And she said, "That’s right and it’s got my name on it,

    so you better put it back where ya found it,

    if ya want to stay on my good side."

    (To Chorus)

  • 03:07 Lyrics
    Think About You

    There are times when I feel so lonely.

    There are times when I feel so blue.

    The hours seem to go by so slowly,

    and there’s nothing I can do.


    I thought about going out,

    thought about staying in.

    Maybe seeing some friends,

    or pretending that I’m not in.





    But the best I can do, is think thing about you.

    The best I can do, is think about you. (2x)




    I try not to plan to far in the future,

    the futures too far away.

    Tomorrow is hard enough to handle,

    with problems that come from today.


    So I wonder what the plan is,

    and I wonder what to do.

    I do what I like doing,

    I like to think about you.

    (To Chorus)


    When I’m with you I feel good,

    It’s good to be with the one you love.

    It don’t matter much what were doing.

    Doing things together must be love.

    (To Chorus)

  • 02:33 Lyrics
    The Wife And I

    The wife and I are made for each other,

    no one else will do.

    We been together for so long,

    It’s hard to tell who’s who.

    Sometimes we get our shirts mixed up,

    and no one has a clue.

    The only way ya can tell for sure,

    is where I dribble food.




    We finish each others sentences, we do it all the time.

    It’s something that comes easy, we do it all the time.




    When I tell her the same old stories,

    and she’s heard them all before.

    She listens to them anyway,

    and doesn’t even look bored.

    But she stopped me right away,

    when I made a big mistake.

    Talking about the time we went to Florida,

    because she’s never seen that state.

    (To Chorus)


    In the restaurant she’ll order for me,

    because she always seams to know.

    What I like and what I don’t,

    and she tells the waitress so.

    Were stuck with each other,

    and no one else will do.

    But if I hade a second chance,

    it be you.

    (To Chorus)

  • 02:49 Lyrics
    To Busy!

    Everyone’s too busy, every day.

     Always doing something, that keeps us away.

    Away from our families, and our friends.

    Before you know it, your life is spent.




    But I’m goanna try, try to change my ways.

    Goanna see my folks, stay the whole day.

    Go to the bar, where I use to play.

    And maybe see some friends, from the old days.



    I get up in the morning, do a few chores.

    Get ready for work, there’s no time to do more.

    Come home in the evening, watch TV until I’m bored.

    Then do it all again tomorrow, please help me Lord.

    (To Corus)


    Maybe there’s something, that we can do.

    To be more friendly, instead of acting like fool’s.

    Try to do something, and follow thru.

    Because life is to short, to be rude.

    (To Chorus)

  • 03:13 Lyrics
    I Know

    They say we need God, in our life.

    And if we receive him, everything will be alright.

    If not here, then over there.

    Will be in heaven, with out any cares.

    Well that sounds good, it sounds just fine.

    The problem is, where do you draw the line.

    Between what your told, and what you know.

    And what you believe, and what you suppose.




    I know what I been told. I know what I suppose.

    I know that if it’s real, it sounds like a good deal.



    I use to go to church, I use to sit and pray.

    They told me if I did this, everything would be ok.

    If I loved Jesus, him and him alone.

    He’d come on back for me, and take me to the throne.

    (To Chorus)


    You can believe anything, any where ya go.

    It don’t make it right, and it don’t make it so.

    But that’s not so bad, because if people get along.

    There be less war in heaven, as were singing him a song.


  • 02:53 Lyrics
    Mr. Moon

    I started to write a song about the moon,

    and my wife told me it’s been done.

    Well that’s ok I said, we’ll just have to have another one.

    Because the moon is special to me,

    I talk to it all the time. He’s really got good advice,

    and I follow it sometimes.




    Are you happy tonight Mr. Moon?

    Or do you have something on your mind?

    Just come on out and say it, don’t try and make me decide.

    If you got something on your mind.



    Well sometimes he looks happy,

    and that usually mean’s I’m happy too.

    And when he’s sad'' it makes me sad,

    then we both get the blues.

    But sometimes I can’t figure out,

    what he’s trying to say.

    So I just say good night, and I’ll see ya another day.

    (To Chorus)


    Well shrink’s cost a pretty penny,

    and they probably ain’t open all night.

    But night is when I think about my day,

    and the things that didn’t go right.

    I don’t want to bother no body,

    don’t want to get them out of bed.

    But Mr. Moon will be up soon,

    so I’ll talk to him instead.

    (To Chorus)

song(1)is about my "cute dog" shep.

song(5)is about hanging out with my friends, looking for a little action after school.

song(6)is about the night I meet my wife, women like this song!

song(7) is what life is all about!

song(9) is too true!

song(13) is about religon, and it's true if you are a
fundamentalist or undecided.

Song (14) well,it's about the moon, my wife told me it's been done, and I …
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The Barn Is Still Standing

by Mark D. Boucher

Released 2009
Released 2009
Folk music for today,reflections on love, life and reality. All songs are based on real events, most people will relate, it's21st. Century Folk!
Mark Boucher
  • 03:49
    Camping With Tilly
  • 02:36 Lyrics
    Older Now

    Every time I watch TV. I see old folks,

    there selling to me.

    Everything you can imagine,

    always done by old grey hair actors.

    They got stuff for your toes,

    stuff for your nose,

    things that babies usually wear,

    incase you can't make it there!




    Growing old can't be easy,

    but it beat's the alternative.

    We owe it to those that aren't still with us,

    to live our lives the best we can.



    They even got these little scooters,

    to haul you around.

    Pagers if you fall on the ground,

    chairs to sit you up and down.

    Discount's are a Seniors' fate,

    with parking right there by the gate.

    "Meal's On Wheels" might be just the thing,

    to help you with your dinning.

    (To Chorus)


    They might try to take your license,

    it's for your safety so they say.

    You can call a cab or get on a buss,

    or just stay home and cause no fuss!

     A reverse mortgage on your paid off home,

    lets you have cash now without a lone.

    You don't have to worry about spending it all,

    cause you probably won't live that long!

    (To Chorus)

  • 04:06 Lyrics
    Homemade Music

    Once upon a time music was very special,

    in that it was something that you do.

    You couldn't save it up for latter,

    couldn't download it and save it to.

    It didn't have pictures to go with it,

    it didn't have little commercials on the side.

    It wasn't 5.1 with a million watts, it only had you.

    Sitting in a half empty bar,

    playing guitar with a friend.

    Some guy playing pool,

    must of thought we weren't cool.

    So off to the jukebox he went.

    Said with a grin as he put his money in,

    "Don't quit your day job my friend!"

    Times like these are unpleasant memories,

    but music's still in my head.




    The more things change the less I like it.

    Everyone has to have the very best.

    How can someone with a song and a guitar,

    ever compete with all the rest?



    Records, 8 tracks, cassettes and Walkman,

    to name a few,

    CD's I-pods and blue tooth's I'm a little confused.

    Why not drill a big hole in my head,

    cram in all the music of the whole world,

    until I'm dead!

    (To Chorus)


    Well I've probably said enough,

    don't want to sound to tuff,

    about music and the way things are today.

    And it may sound a little mean,

    but I usually hear this thing,

    just about every time I play.

    There's is this little guy,

    can't be but four or five,

    the best that anyone's ever heard.

    If he comes to town,

    I hope you keep him around,

    till someone younger puts him down.

    (To Chorus)

  • 03:32 Lyrics
    The Barn Is Still Standing

    My Grandpa’s barn is still standing,

    But the house is torn away.

    The Black walnut trees were all sold,

    and the fields are being paved.

    Horses use to pull the plow,

    and a lane went over the creek.

    Now it seems like memories,

    are all that we can keep.

    We loaded crops on a wagon,

    and took them to the store.

    The trip it was a short one,

    a quarter mile, no more.

    Now food comes all the way from China,

    why is hard to say.

    Do you remember when things

    use to say made in the USA?




    The barn is still standing,

    but the memories are starting to fade.

    Everyone that helped raise the barn,

    I wish that I could thank. (2x)



    My brothers and I liked

    to hide in the corn,

    and the plumb trees we did climb.

    The old shed had a hornets nest,

    or a pulley we could never decide.

    In the chicken coup we had to stoop,

    the roof was lower on one side.

    And right behind it stood the tallest tree,

    that we could ever climb.



    I use to love October,

    in a big pile of leaves we would play,

    Grandpa worked us picking pumpkins,

    some we could sell for our pay.

    My dad took lots of pictures,

    at every meal that we ate.

    And Grandma never would

    face the camera,

    she’d always look away.

    (To Chorus)



  • 02:39
    Being Together
  • 03:51 Lyrics
    It Ain't Easy

    Just grin and bare it, that's what I try to do.

    People never seem to tire of calling me a fool.

    Just like water on a duck,

    is what I always say.

    Maybe with a little luck, they will go away!




    It ain't easy being easy, it's the hardest thing to do.

    It ain't easy being easy, but it's the best that I can do.



     I try not to get all wound up,

    if someone's talking about me.

    If you got nothing better to do,

    than maybe I'll feel sorry for you.

    Nice guys seem to finish last,

    that's what I always say.

    But even if I am the last well at least I get to play.

    (to chorus)


    I'm rolling with the punches,

    trying to stand my ground.

    If this is where the fun is,

    I'd rather not be around.

    I try not to worry,

    it only overloads my brain.

    Leaves me fretting about the future,

    and it drives my hopes away.

    (to chorus)


    People use to bug me,

    with little things they say.

    Poking at me with there words,

    expecting me to play.

    It don't matter anymore,

    I've found an easier way.

    I just let them run there mouth.

    and maybe they'll behave.

    (to chorus)

  • 02:50 Lyrics
    Guitar Guy

    This is a song about playing guitar,

    and what I've been thru so far.

    I know I've got to pay my dues,

    but some of the things that happen are just plain rude.

    Some friends have a way of pointing out,

    little things to bring me down.

    It's like they keep me around

    their personal clown to entertain them for free.



    Oh play us a song, any thing you like,

    just as long as it's rock and roll.

    And what we want to hear,

    should take us back a few years,

    and a new song we don't want to hear...

  • 02:30
    The Great Big Rearange
  • 02:50 Lyrics
    Elephants In The Street

    When I got up today, I wasn't expecting to much.

    Just go to work, come home and watch TV.

    But then something happened,

    and it makes me think something's lacking.

    Why do these things always bother me?




    Ya the Circus came to town,

    in a train driven by clowns,

    For all the people to see.

    And I hope we get our worth,

    of the "Greatest Show On Earth",

    but it just don't sit right with me.



    I like seeing the clowns fool around,

    and people swinging on a trapeze,

    I like hearing the Circus band play.

    But to see animals doing tricks for us,

    it's really just a bit to much.

    I'd rather see the animal's running free.

    (To Chorus)


    When the Circus came to town,

    the train stopped in front of my house.

    The elephants and horses walked down the street.

    It was really quite a thrill,

    and I wish the animals well,

    but the circus just don't sit right with me.

    (To Chorus)

  • 03:41
    It's What I Do
  • 03:47
    Pretty Girl And Shep Dog
  • 02:20 Lyrics
    TV Times


    Watching TV I can live another life,
    watching TV I can even do it twice.
    Watching TV is a real bog delight.
    I been watching TV, my whole life


    When I was a kid we had a black and white TV,
    it only had three channels there for us to see.
    We wrapped tinfoil on the rabbit ears,
    and standing on one foot, just to make it clear.


    The first bit of training that my TV had,
    was how those filthy savages invaded our land.
    The cowboys had to put them down,
    just to make us our home town.
    The story is so gory, it always made me sad.
    (To Chorus)


    Then cop shows started coming on TV,
    the bad guys could run, but not for very long.
    Just the facts ma'am is what Joe would say,
    leave it to the cop's, we even trusted the CIA.


    Blacks only did certain things on TV,
    like screaming at a ghost, running thru the trees.
    But money changes everything, ya have to agree.
    a black woman selling tide,
    was just what we did need.
    (To Chorus)


    Times they did change and change they did fast,
    and sitcoms started to embrace this at last.
    With Archie Bunker and the Jefferson's on TV,
    it seems at last some spirits were set free.


    So watch TV and watch it with glee,
    but keep in mind you only get what you see.
    And if seeing is believing then believe this one thing,
    you only know what you've been told,
    about our history.
    (To Chorus)

  • 02:35
    Tig Bitty Land
  • 02:52
    The Drunk Song
  • 02:50 Lyrics

    Everything is temporary is what they always say.

    Work in a factory one day

    and the next your out of pay.

    The past was full of good times,

    but you can't afford to stay.

    Anyway ya do it will only make you grey.

    The Future that I see,

    has hope for you and me.

    But we better be more careful dear,

    because I usually get deceived.




    You can put this to the test,

    life is temporary at best.

    If there's nothing to pursue,

    than I got nothing to do.




     You might have lots of money, saved up in a bank.

    You might know lot's of people that you love to hate.

     I use to clown around dancing like James Brown,

    wonder why I stopped, when I was at my top?

    The "good old days" they fly,

    like a freight train going by,

    me-oh-me-o-my Isn't that a surprise.

    The "good old days" they fly,

    like a freight train going by,

    me-oh-me-o-my Isn't that a surprise.

    (To Chorus)

Hi, I got four dog's two cats and a wife. All of them I like writing song's about.Any thing is fair game, I wrote a song about the "Lucky Pencil" that I found in the street!
All my songs are true, there about things that really happened.
#1 is about going camping
#4 is about my Grandfathers barn and going there as a kid.
#9 is about when the circus came to town. My wife
said "you …
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